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First North American BAC Mono Headed To Cars & Coffee

Sector111 has announced it will unveil the first North American-built BAC Mono at the upcoming Cars and Coffee in Irvine, California. The car was built from a knock-down kit, and Sectior111 says the company's allocation of 2012 Mono units has completely sold out. It's currently taking orders for 2013 models. As you may recall, the single-seat, street-legal racer tips the scales at a mere 1,190 pounds (540 kg), and gets around your favourite track thanks to thrust from a 280-horsepower 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine worked up by the minds at Cosworth. If that sounds like a party to you, best head to Irvine tomorrow for a look.

A little over a year ago, BAC announced it was partnering with Sector111 to bring its heathen machine to our shores, albeit in very low numbers. The company shipped just 12 knockdown kits to North America.

Brief press release below:

Temecula, CA-Sector111, LLC, the exclusive importer of the BAC Mono, will unveil the Mono this Saturday at Cars & Coffee in Irvine, CA. This weekly, two hour event has become a popular show that draws true car fans from all over the world. The Mono is expected to be very well received. Sector111 has fully assembled this first Mono from a complete knock-down kit.

"The BAC Mono is a purist sports car that looks stunning in person," stated Shinoo Mapleton, President of Sector111. "Cars&Coffee is a casual event attended by real car fanatics so I am excited to host the first USA unveiling with this crowd of enthusiasts."

Sector111 is responsible for sales, build and service of the BAC Mono for the North American and Mexican market. Their Mono allocation for 2012 was completely sold out and the company is now taking deposits for their 2013 allocation.

To learn more about Sector111, LLC, visit their website at: www.Sector111.com


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so hot.
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Apparently it handles like a little formula car.
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Quote from Porsche addict
Apparently it handles like a little formula car.
also as reliable as one
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also as reliable as one
Does it actually have that reputation already?
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Reliable or not I'm sure it is really fun to drive.
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Judging on looks only that is amazing, Ariel could learn a thing or two.

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Who does that camera douche think he is, touching his car like that?
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