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Post #1 Fri, Oct 5, 3:19 PM
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Factory tuning house Mugen has taken it upon itself to cure what ails the Honda CR-Z. The centerpiece of the Honda CR-Z Mugen RZ is a specially-developed supercharger, which bumps the 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine's output to 153 horsepower. That's a nudge of 30 horses over the standard hybrid, though the hatchback's integrated motor assist system still delivers an extra 20 horsepower when needed. Mugen also threw in a titanium cat-back exhaust system to help the engine breathe a bit easier. The company swapped the stock suspension components for five-way adjustable coilovers, and the brake system received a complete overhaul as well.

Up front, the CR-Z Mugen RZ makes use of 11.8-inch rotors pressed by reinforced calipers, sterner pads and braided stainless lines. Of course, this wouldn't be a Mugen product without a new body kit, and the company's designers served up a reworked front fascia, adjustable front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser and, of course, a wing. Inside, the reworked CR-Z uses special blue and black seats, a new steering wheel and shift knob.

Mugen will start to sell 300 completed CR-Zs on November 26, in Japan only, sadly.


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That bodykit, my God what were they smoking?
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should have boosted the electric power too.
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I actually really like it.
Lose the wing though.
Bet it's a hoot to drive.

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Quote from christofurr
I actually really like it.
Lose the wing though.
Bet it's a hoot to drive.
I'd love to drive this !
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id love to hoot
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I want those seats!

Lose the spoiler though

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still not enough power
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Park it next to an old CRX. You will want the CRX.

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id love to hoot
hoon it!

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