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The Russians could have been first with the super jumbo.

Quote from wikipedia.org;

The Sukhoi KR-860 (Kryl'ya Rossii or Wings of Russia), earlier named the SKD-717, is a proposed double decker wide-body superjumbo jet aircraft by Russian aerospace company Sukhoi.

The project has a design maximum weight of about 650 tonnes, a payload of about 300 tonnes, the main deck while featuring a 12-abreast triple aisle configuration while the upper deck featuring a 9-abreast layout with two aisles and is intended to be capable of carrying 860 to 1000 passengers. Entry is facilitated either through conventional fuselage doors or forward and aft ventral escalators. The wing design incorporates winglets and a fold outboard of the outer engine.[3] For comparison the Antonov An-225 has a maximum weight of 600 tonnes and a payload is 250 tonnes. A 1/24 scale model was shown[4][5][6] at the 1999 Paris Air Show.If built the aircraft would have been the world's largest airliner.

The concept for the aircraft began in the 1990s with a forecast programme cost of US$10 billion (early published figures were US$4-5.5B) and called for the first aircraft to be built before 2000. With an estimated price per unit of about US$160-200 million (an earlier published estimate was US$150M) the market was forecast for a total of 300 aircraft, with production planned for the Kazan Aircraft Production Association facility. Initially designed for the carriage of passengers, later a KR-860T (T stands for Tanker) version was proposed for use as an aerial Liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker for far-north regions. Taking advantage of the presence of LNG on the aircraft, the design proposed using LNG to fuel the turbines, rather than conventional Jet fuel, like on the Tupolev Tu-206.

The project so far has not proceeded beyond the stage of marketing models.
Specifications (KR-860)

Data from rusarmy.com

General characteristics

Capacity: 860-1000 passengers
Length: 80 m (262 ft 6 in)
Wingspan: 88 m (288 ft 9 in) with the wings unfolded or 64 m (210 ft) span with wings folded
Wing area: 700 m2 (7,500 sq ft)
Max takeoff weight: 650,000 kg (1,433,005 lb)


Cruising speed: 1,000 km/h (621 mph; 540 kn)
Range: 15,000 km (9,321 mi; 8,099 nmi)

End Quote

More info : http://aviationtrivia.blogspot.se/2011/03/wings-of-russia-sukhoi-super-jumbo.html

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wow a 1000 person deathtrap
thank god this death machine was never allowed to carry the public

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Sukhoi is so awesome. I bet some of their military concepts are just bonkers.
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very impressive
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wow a 1000 person deathtrap
thank god this death machine was never allowed to carry the public
Yea because Sukhoi has proven themselves a novice in the airplane making business.
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