1995 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III Group A

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

By 1995, it was apparent Mitsubishi were willing to under go rapid develpment of their platform car. New areodynamics and an active four wheel drive system were distinct properties for the Lancer Evolution III.

The 1995 race season started off with the Evolution II and ended with the Evolution III. During this season Mitsubishi won the Manufacturers' Championship in the APRC and took 2nd place in the WRC Manufacturers' Championship.

1996 would be a pivotal year for Mitsubishi and thier Lancer Evolution III. Tommi Makinen drove to win five WRC events in a Lancer Evolution III. These victories helped Tommi secure a WRC Driver's Championship while Mitsubishi claimed 2nd in the WRC Manufacturers Championship. During the same year, Mitsubishi scored the APRC Manufactures Championship fr the second year in a row with help from Richard Burns.


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