2006 Arden Speedster AJ 20

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - Arden

In 1985 saw the debut of the Arden the AJ 2 cabriolet at the international automobile exhibition (IAA) from the exclusive low volume manufacturer. By doing so, showing a glimpse twenty years into the future of the Arden AJ 20 Speedster.

Aerodynamically the Arden Speedster is impressive, with its well-defined contours, powerful lines, and large air intake vents.

The new heart of the Arden Speedster has already been proved and tested. The 5.0 litre engine with a supercharger achieves approximately a 550 hp performance rating while offering a maximum torque of over 700 Nm.

The Arden Speedster will be available from the second half of 2006.

Story by Arden


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