2010 Factory Five Racing GTM Gen2

For 2010, Factory Five Racing have updated their flagship GTM supercar. The new car is better in almost every area and Factory Five says it's even cheaper to manufacture. Since many of the cars are sold as a kit, many of the new changes are welcome for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Factory Five's Description

We have taken our Flagship GTM Supercar to the next level. Our efforts have resulted in a more refined design that is about $10K less expensive to build and delivers better performance with higher quality and improved fit and finish.

In this second generation car, the team here at Factory Five focused on feedback from customers but kept some simple goals in mind thru the process…

* Reduce cost
*Make the car easier to build
*Improve quality of parts
*Increase performance/function

Revised Body Shape and New Molds/Process

he most obvious and significant changes to the GTM came in the composite body shape. We made the new car better looking and easier/less expensive to build.

We re-designed the body shape for improved looks, better aerodynamics and less bodywork.

We made the front end more modern with a smaller and re-shaped air intake. This improves the looks and airflow aiding downforce. Along with the new contoured front end, we have designed a new carbon fiber (optional) front splitter to match, that delivers improved downforce.

Customers wanted a better looking hood vent area for radiator venting. We designed new in-set hood cooling vents that look better and compliment the look of the new hood.

Alongside the cooling vents are new hood details that stretch back to the windshield, and highlight the fact that this is a mid-engine design. The trailing edge of the hood improves visibility with the deletion of previous body wiper bulge.

Along the leading edge of the nose we added a nice contour to the lower leading edge/lip and designed new side canard edges that work alone on a street car, or serve as a front edge canard mount to complement the new splitter for race cars.

The new molded-in headlamp buckets save time in bodywork and assembly.

The canards, revised radiator opening, slotted in-set vents and revised splitter result in improved aerodynamics/downforce

Going back from the nose is a new door design. These new doors have the a-pillar molded into the body and are easier to line-up.

Up top there is now a functional roof scoop that vents to the engine compartment. This is optional.

We had previously updated the side polycarbonate windows and they are now standard DOT safety glass.

The rear hatch was a constant source of frustration as the previous design was difficult to align. The new rear hatch design is shorter and has a stronger liner/construction. The rear is now one molded piece with revised vent screens. The new design also allows for the addition of an optional rear fixed wing while maintaining operation of the hatch.

Out back the rear diffuser angle was changed for increased downforce and improved engine cooling. This is a subtle change from the appearance, but significantly accelerates air for down force and, along with the functional roof scoop and cold-air intake kit, results in better engine bay cooling.

The biggest change with the body comes in the hours required for bodywork. We built all-new molds. Every single molded part on the GTM was changed and for each part, we built new tight tolerance molds and make the parts in red gel coat.

New Interior

Customers reported that they wanted a better quality interior to go along with the stunning exterior of the car. We improved the fit and finish of all the interior parts.

We modified the seat design for better looks and a slightly better fit. The seat cushion lifts up for easier mounting/drilling.

We made a small revision to the door liners with new door pulls and better covering.

Months ago we left the previous standard Autometer gauges behind in lieu of newer FFR GTM specific gauges that deliver a more OEM look and feel. At the same time, we redesigned the gauge surround with a cleaner face and now have a very rich looking stitched perimeter.

Other Changes

Complaints of not enough caster adjustments have been answered with a slightly revised front end geometry that enables better caster and more precise steering.

One huge reduction in cost is the addition of a truly affordable, but high-performance wheel. At almost $2,000 less than the previous optional GTM wheel, the new wheels are only $1299 and allow the use of a wider rear tire, a monsterous 335 series!

Along with affordable wheels is a possible alternative to the transaxle dilemma. When we started out building GTM’s the Porsche G50 gearbox was relatively plentiful and affordable. It also was pretty good at handling stock corvette LS power (at the time 350-400hp). Today the Porsche units have gotten more expensive and the LS series engines have gotten more powerful, making the search for a new transaxle increasingly important.

The great guys at Mendeola have stepped up with an affordable, high-horsepower 5-speed transmission that is Made-in-the-USA and will be offered shortly to Gen 2 GTM customers.

Story by Factory Five Racing


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