1969 Yenko Nova S/C

1969 Yenko Nova S/C 1969 Yenko Nova S/C 1969 Yenko Nova S/C 1969 Yenko Nova S/C

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In creating the Yenko Nova S/C, Don Yenko and his team in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania were testing the Nova's limits and the insurance companies' patience.

Yenko devised a program that took the standard 396/375 JH V8 engine and transformed it into an L72 by fitting a 427 block with the existing cylinder heads, carburetor, intake manifold and distributor from the 396. With mild tuning, Yenko effectively made a 450HP L72 for the Nova SS396.1

Much of the rest of the Nova was left stock except for the vinyl tape S/C graphics and a 140-mph speedometer with a Stewart Warner 8000 rpm tachometer.1

The drive line included the SS package's Muncie M21 4-Speed transmission, a 12-bolt rear axle, heavy duty springs and an anti-roll bar.

Yenko tried to limited color choices to Garnet Red, Fathom Green, LeMans Blue or Rallye Green. He also had very few options on the cars and preferred a rubber-mat interior over carpet. 1

Our feature car was the star at Dana Mecum's 25th Original Spring Classic Auction. It sold for a $475,000 USD which was a record for a Nova at public auction.

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