SOPA? What the hell is that?

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  1. lol if the mods cant even contact the admin how will the government!
  2. FWIW:
  3. I saw a REAL brown dwarf today
    died from laughter
  4. admin takes legal threats very seriously
  5. Oh well, they still gotta vote for it
    I'd find it awkward if a "guilty until proved unguilty" bill can pass, but oh well. Babyboomers and internet.
  6. re: porsche wallpapers
  7. Let's just start another Internets
  8. We must go deeper

    I N C E P T I O N
  9. We have that shit here, but you can get 3 strikes or something over a x-long period.

    Doesn't actually work for http direct downloads, just p2p, which is stupid. But, my seedbox has always been nice and fine
  10. apparently the film and recording (ahem, "distribution") industry is more important than the rights of everyday people.
    I guess if they had their way we'd still be listning to phonographs and watching silent filme in a cinema instead of being able to have movies and music at your fingertips on a #$%#ing TELEPHONE.

    The problem is its easier to access content from other sources that are not the "legal owner". A more elegant solution instead of punishing the end user would be to actually accommodate them.
  11. USA #1 to th defense of the poor (and shitty) entertainement industry!!
  12. america just gets worse every day
    if i were america id leave
  13. What I dont understand about record industry is...

    - Companies are owned by shareholders?
    - Company executives screw up getting music, tv and movies into internet fifteen years ago.
    - Companies have lost Billions, if not tens of Billions...
    - These dudes are still working???

  14. hey it sthe american way
    you better be a big ass established company or you dont survive and you can do whatever you want

    see: there car companies, there record companies, there talkie production firms, there everything.

    pretty soon everything will be copyright or trademark, it will cost money to talk and have conversations. the royalty fees for everyday banter will grow to levels such that people don't talk or write anymore. freedom of speech is no longer a threat so they just kick off their New Balance shoes, sit and play XBOX (TM) all day, sipping down Dews and scratching their Wranglers. Everyone will silently drive a shitty shoddily built American Chrysler-Fiat-Renault Group Corp. Espace Guiletta D'Art with a new derivative of the highly popular gasoline engine! Insert your credit card and prepare to go more into debt to enjoy some autotune or transformers films.
  15. YES

    We can call it the outernets.

    And we can not let the government in.
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  17. Now of course there are worse things, but that doesn't really mean SOPA shouldn't be put in the light that it's in right now. I don't know why NDAA doesn't get as much exposure, but it most likely has to do with that its consequences don't really affect (many) American households.
  18. True, I'm not in the habit of getting arrested, it most likely will never affect me directly either. However just the idea of it is pretty scary. While supposedly targeting terrorism it leaves the door open for a lot of misuse and abuse in the same way that SOPA does when it comes to shutting down websites.
  19. its kinda like pipa
  20. pipa middleton?
  21. a bill within a bill
  22. America is becoming China Jr.
  23. China without the work ethic, English sense of lower class entitlement, deluded North Korean style exceptionalism, Turkey's creeping totalitarianism.

    Once enough Evangelicals and Pentecostals get voted into political power/boards of education, America will forget how the #$%# Apollo 11 ever reached the Moon in the first place.
  24. the only consolation is they'll all be dead soon, leaving the next generation to clean up yet another one of their messes.
  25. One of the worst parts of the whole thing is that it very loosely defines the copyright language, so anything "aiding" copyright infringement could be shut down: Not just the content itself. IE: If you talk about how to burn a DVD (copyrighted or not), Link to an article on the technical side of DRM, or post a link to a program like UltraISO, could possibly get you shut down/blacked out.

    Its really absurd.

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