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1000 Miglia

   Written by Richard Michael Owen.
1930 OM 665 SSMM

Today, the Mille Miglia retrospective begins its first leg from Viale Venezia in Brescia to Bologna. Built up as a glorified road rally, the Mille is met with overwhelming enthusiasm from both the locals and 370 or so entrants.

Up to this point the cars have completed scrutineering in Fiera and followed by an overcrowded display around Piazza della Loggia in Brescia. Our gallery shows a diversity of cars which range in year from the late 1920s until the mid-fifties?essentially the same era when the real event took place around the roads of Italy.

In the following two days, all the cars will attempt to reach Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome and arrive back at Viale Venezia. We hope to have images of these legs online later next week.