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2011 SEMA Show

   Written by Richard Michael Owen.
Monday's Peak Crowd

To coincide with the SEMA Show's last day, we are presenting our finished gallery of the event.

Included are some of the many highlights from the Racing & Performance hall including a Foose-modified Mercedes-Benz 300SL, the Lingenfelter Camaro L28 800TT and Motion's new Camaro 427-SC Phase III. NASCAR was also present to showcase their new fuel injection system developed by Holley, McLaren and MSD for 2012.

We also got around to uploading the Lexus media conference which ended with hotlaps of the new GS350 F SPORT immediately after its reveal onstage. They also had two concepts by Five-Axis which had some of the best bodykits revealed at the SEMA Show.

We should also mention Chevrolet who unveiled more showcars than anyone else for their 100th year. Oddly enough, they released the new COPO Camaro twice; the first time without telling anyone.

Judging by the number of cars and people present, SEMA is successfully showcasing the immense size of the aftermarket industry. This means they can continue to protect the hobby from government regulation that at times prohibit creative design.