Bentley comes up with the S series on their Continental GT and GTC

For those that are looking for something new and different from Bentley when it comes to a two-door model, you can now opt for the Continental GT S or Continental GTC S, a new S range from Crewe next to the regular model and the top of the line Speed models, with this new S range, Bentley wants to focus more on the pleasure of driving, as a complementary version to the “Wellbeing behind the Wheel” concept of the recent, more comfort-centric Azure range.

The Bentley Continental GT and GTC range start with the V8 base model, and for those that think the 6.0-Liter W12 in the Continental GT Speed is just a little too much, we now have the more performance-focused S range added, which really reveals the sporting character of the 4.0-Liter V8 engine, and while we still get 542 hp and 770 Nm of torque, the new S range comes with the Bentley Sports Exhaust as standard fitment so you can really enjoy the glorious sound of the cross-plane V8 heartbeat.

Some consider the lighter V8 engine compared to the large and heavy W12 in the Speed version as the better option, and the V8 surely offers better free-revving and is eager to get off the line, the result is a very responsive and agile driving characteristic, which gets further amplified by the fitment of the Bentley Dynamic Ride – the advanced 48 V electric active anti-roll control system first pioneered by Bentley. By generating up 959 lb.ft (1300 Nm) in 0.3 seconds, motors within the anti-roll bars actively compensate for cornering forces to minimize body roll under hard cornering, while also improving ride comfort at cruising speeds by decoupling the left- and right-hand wheels from each other.

The Bentley Continental GT and GTC S come with a black gloss radiator grille and black brightware to distinguish themselves from the regular GT V8 model, and let’s not forget the distinctive S badging on the front fenders, but the overall impression is surely dramatic, and this is even further emphasized by the dark-tinted headlamps and rear lights, but there is one item that just had to retain the high gloss chrome finish, the famous winged Bentley badge, and lettering, add to this the almost unlimited choice of both exterior and interior colors offered by Bentley, and you’ll end up with a truly stunning looking Gran Tourer, either as a closed Coupé or as a Convertible.

As an option on the new Bentley Continental S range, you can go for beautifully styled, all-new 22-inch wheels boasting five Y-shaped spokes, initially finished in gloss black, but additionally available in a new Pale Brodgar Satin finish, an amazing contrast can be obtained with the red-painted brake calipers behind these wheels to provide a perfect sporting contrast. Another option is a 21-inch tri-spoke wheel design combining gloss black and bright machined finishes, which are also unique to the S range, add the black, quad tailpipes, and stylish side sills we’ve seen on the Continental GT Speed before, and you’ll end up with a real masterpiece on the road.

The new Bentley Continental GT and GTC S range receive a unique two-tone color split on the interior, with a focus on performance naturally, inspired by the GT Speed interior, with the suede-like Dinamica being featured on the steering wheel, gear lever, seat cushion and seat backrest inside the Continental GT and GTC S range, but we do get the smoothest leather hides too, on the seat bolsters, the door pads, over the instrument panel and around the console, using a combination of Dinamica and leather creates an interior that offers the tactile contrast of smooth hide and the soft napped finish of Dinamica.

Driver instrumentation continues the sporting theme with the same performance-focused graphics as the Continental GT Speed, the S design seats are fluted, with quilting available as an option, and the ‘S’ emblem is embroidered on the headrest of each seat; embroidered Bentley wings are a no-cost alternative if the client prefers those, additional finishing touches include a metal S signature badge on the fascia and illuminated Bentley treadplates with the ‘S’ device replacing the Bentley Motors Ltd plaque.

Let’s take a look at some more photos of these two beautiful Bentley Continental GT S and Continental GTC S, personally, I would opt for the GTC S version, I prefer a convertible every day …