BMW Tuning

Lumma isn’t a company we mention very often, but their latest M5 is pretty outrageous. It is twin-supercharged to offer 730 bhp much like the G-Power version we featured earlier this year. It will probably debut at the upcoming Essen Motor Show where its high contrast paint and interior is bound to grab attention.

BMWs have long been the victim of tuners. Some of the top models like the M1 were outfitted early on by Styling Garage Spezialkarosserien. Koenig-Specials also made a few cars like the 510 bhp KS8 and the rarer 6 Series conversion. If anyone has more information on the Koenig 6-Series, please let us know.

One even earlier car is this 1982 Dietel-Alpina 345i which had 310 bhp on tap. It was recently sold by Barrett-Jackson and is an interesting look at tuning in the 80s before the M Division really blossomed.