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Bonneville Special

Every now and then we run across a supercar that demands attention and keeps our renewed interest in everything automotive. Just a couple months ago this happened and in the unlikely depths of Ebay.

What we found was a long lost 1957 Bonneville Special that was both strikingly gorgeous and powerful enough for 200 mph. While we wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention right away, securing the details and images didn’t happen – until now.

This is a story shared between two friends who, in their spare time, decided to try and built the fastest sports car in America. While their success was limited by money, time and patience, the resulting car is a breathtaking sight.

Today we present a supercar that has laid dormant for 46 years and has more recently finished an impressive restoration, revival and reunion.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this project, and especially Taylor Valentine for providing every detail. He currently has the car for sale, amongst other exotics, on