Highlights from Amelia

In 2009 the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance brought out the world’s best cars. Our feature Faget Varnet Delahaye is one such example that we’ve been following since its debut at Pebble Beach. Although it didn’t win the show, it was our pick for next runner up.

Best of Show went to the famed Voisin Mylord, a sinister car with a rare sleeve-valve V12 engine. It was freshly restored for Amelia and the result is stunning. Another striking French car was this Amilcar Pegase with a body from Figoni.

Bill Warner, Amelia’s founder, has an affection for post-war racing cars, so it’s fitting that we showcase this Kurtis 500KK Sutton Roadster.

Some of the finest American cars were also present, including the rare DV-32 Super Bearcat. For one-ofs we have the 1954 Corvette Styling Concept and the Phantom Corsair with rare engine shots.