Pebble Preview Gallery

Normally we don’t write about our preview gallery more than once, but on our way to tonight’s dinner we spotted a Duesenberg that will probably win Pebble. It took a few seconds to realize what we were seeing, and a quick chase down the main street in Carmel was well worth the effort.

What we photographed was a Gurney Nutting Speedster built on an extended Model J chassis. It was ordered by Maharajadhiraj Bahadur of India and first shown at the London Motor Show. Among 17 other Dueseys on the Pebble Lawn, this roadster will set a wicked precedent.

Also included in our gallery is a small sampling of the Gooding and RM auctions which will be neck and neck for total sales. Christies already set the pace last night by selling their Steve McQueen Lusso for the not-so-easy price of 2.3 million USD.

Luckily we got to visit the Quail Motorsports Gathering today which brought together 100 cars and 4000 people for a more exclusive show. Present where several of Briggs Cunningham’s racecars, two Vector Wx3s, two Veyrons and 18 Ferrari Series I cabriolets.