The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport ‘Grand Prix’

Let’s go back to 1931, nearly 100 years ago, at the French Riviera, renowned race driver Louis Chiron, a true Monegasque, grips the steering wheel of a Bugatti Type 51 for the start of the Monaco Grand Prix … a race on his home turf so to speak, and 100 laps later (318 km or 197.6 miles) he crosses the finish line under the checkered flag as the winner … becoming the first, and to this date, only Monégasque by birth to win the famous Monaco Grand Prix, and Louis Chiron would become one of the great early-era racing drivers.

None other than Jean Bugatti the son of Bugatti’s founder, Ettore, admired Louis Chiron, and that admiration hasn’t faded many decades later when Bugatti revealed the Veyron successor aptly named ‘Chiron’, a modern hypercar that would set records on her own during the production, an homage that reaches a new culmination with the public unveiling of a very special Bugatti Chiron, a vehicle that has been commissioned by an avid collector together with Bugatti’s ‘Sur Mesure’ program to create a bespoke car for just one individual customer.

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport ‘Grand Prix’ made her debut at the 17th edition of the renowned Top Marques event taking place in the prestigious setting of Monaco under the high patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II between June 9 and June 12, the Grimaldi Forum which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea will host a plethora of the most desirable automobiles of both past and present, for this 17th edition Bugatti is a core exhibitor during an event that is considered among the most exclusive car show in the world, if only because of the Monaco-based clientele.

One of the latest additions to Bugatti’s growing network of global dealer partners is right at the center of this market, Bugatti Monaco will show no less than three hyper sports cars, next to the unique Chiron Pur Sport ‘Grand Prix’ they will have another unique Chiron shown, this time the Sport ‘110 Ans BUGATTI’ edition finished in steel blue matte carbon, but there is also a classic at this show, the 2010 Veyron Grand Sport in Italian red color and black Pur Sang split with a splendid carmine red interior.

Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director – Sales and Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles, commented: “Top Marques Monaco is the ideal venue to introduce the Chiron Pur Sport ‘Grand Prix’ to many of our impassioned admirers. The customized hyper sports car is a tribute to the achievements of early racing pioneers who piloted Bugatti’s racing cars in the 1920s and 30s, and now it is returning home to the site of some of those heroic drives. Guests will be able to admire the level of detail and craftsmanship that our ‘Sur Mesure’ team has poured into the Chiron Pur Sport ‘Grand Prix’.”

A closer look at the Chiron Pur Sport ‘Grand Prix’

You might wonder why there are two large ’32’ numbers on both doors, and make no mistake, these have been hand-painted on this car as an homage to the fact this was the actual number of Louis Chiron’s Bugatti Type 51 he drove with Achile Varzi to victory in the 1931 French Grand Prix at Montlhéry, the Type 51 Louis was driving was an enhanced version of the legendary Type 35 by the way, but this number is just the start of a series of bespoke elements Bugatti had to develop specifically for this vehicle at the client’s request, they even had to create two brand new exterior colors and a hand-painted EB pattern for the front aisles, which is also repeated on the interior door panels, as an homage to the legendary Grand Prix racing Bugattis of the 1920s and 30s.

And it’s not only the exterior that reminds you of the Grand Prix Bugatti’s from the 20s and 20s, both the ‘32’ and the ‘Grand Prix’ motifs can also be found when you open the door to enter the cockpit, you’ll notice a special center console inlay in black anodized aluminum, with a silver hand-painted inscription, while the bespoke motifs continue onto the door sills, both headrests, and even on the entry lights, there is some very subtle branding to further distinguish this Chiron as a rare and unique product of the Bugatti Chiron Sur Mesure program.

The Bugatti ‘Sur Mesure’ program takes the Molsheim company’s extensive expertise in body construction, painting, handcrafted interiors, and embroidery to a different level when it comes to building bespoke hypercar, bundling the know-how of designers and engineers to meet the growing customer demand for individualized designs, materials and surface finishes.