The first Bugatti Centodiece has just been delivered to the client

We’re taking a step back to 2019, August 2019 to be exact, at the Monterey Car Week at the Quail in California, the United States of America the public gets the first look at the Bugatti Centodiece … a car to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the founding of Bugatti by Ettore Bugatti in 1909, and this Centodiece also wants to pay homage to the famous Bugatti EB110 from the early Nineties, only 10 units would be built of the Bugatti Centodiece, each with an MSRP of $ 8,000,000 … and it sold out immediately!

Fast forward to June 2022, nearly three years later, and the first customer car in the limited production run of just ten units has finally been completed in Molsheim, ready to be delivered to her fortunate client, and while each of these 10 units will be a completely bespoke build, this #1 Centodiece was ordered in the classic Bugatti Bleu, a distinctive color that is synonymous with Bugatti itself, the 90s EB110 and even the original factory where the EB110 was built back in the Nineties, located in Campogalliano, it would become known as the ‘Fabricca Blu’, or blue factory, as the building was painted in Bugatti Blue, also note the Bugatti EB110 was unveiled in 1992 in this exact same shade of blue.

The client for this Bugatti Centodiece went even further, he commissioned his car to come with silver wheels, reminiscent of the wheels on the EB110, and coincidently, this customer also owns a Bugatti EB110 in the exact same color combination, even the blue upholstery found inside the cockpit reminds us of the EB110 thanks to the use of a quilted chessboard-like pattern on the seats, the roof liner, the door panels, the center console, and even on the custom floormats, an interior that took the Bugatti artisans about 16 weeks to complete.

Power comes from the famous W16 engine, an 8-liter displacement to pump out a massive 1,600PS that will propel this lady from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds, the Bugatti Centodiece doesn’t run out of breath until she reaches a top speed of 380 km/h, and it’s highly unlikely we’ll be seeing this engine make her return in the car that will succeed the Bugatti Chiron on which the Centodiece is loosely based, the next-generation Bugatti will be either a hybrid or an all-electric hypercar as the successor will be a joined effort between Bugatti and Rimac since the takeover.

Christophe Piochon, President of Bugatti Automobiles, commented: “We at Bugatti in Molsheim are proud to have completed and delivered the very first Centodieci – Bugatti’s latest few-off model. The Centodieci builds upon Ettore Bugatti’s successful 110-year lineage of exceptional design and performance while reviving the memory of the brand’s recent history. The EB110, built by Romano Artioli in Italy, was a critical path to the re-establishment of Bugatti in 1998. After two years of relentless development, we have refined the Centodieci to the standard our customers expect of all Bugatti models. Our designers and engineers pour the very same passion and desire for perfection into the marque’s few-off models as they do for Bugatti’s series production units.”

Just to put the $8,000,000 MSRP into perspective, on 5 March 2022, an exceptionally rare 1994 EB110 GT prototype was auctioned by RM Sotheby’s at Amelia Island, Florida, for a new record price of $2,100,000. Earlier on February 2, a 1994 Grey Metallic EB110 GT fetched a previous record price of €1,805,000 at RM Sotheby’s in Paris. Twenty-four hours later, bidding concluded for a blue 1996 EB 110 GT at €1,817,000 including premium, at a Bonhams sale, while a lot less expensive, I’m sure prices will rise even further, and these 10 Centodiece will remain highly sought-after for decades to come as one of the last Bugatti to feature a combustion engine without electric aid.