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Ferrari F40 Prototype

This Ultra Rare Ferrari F40 Prototype Is for Sale

You Know You Want a Piece of Automotive History

The Ferrari F40 is a legendary supercar of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Only around 1,300 examples were produced. Even fewer of the prototypes were made. Only eight to be exact, and one of them burned in a fire. Those super rare prototypes were never sold to the public, but now this one can be had thanks to Tom Hartley Jr. in the UK. 

The car’s specifications aren’t listed in the posting, but they shouldn’t differ from the regular F40 much. That means the car has a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 that makes 478 horsepower.

According to CarBuzz, the main differences between the prototype and the production version of the F40 were the mirrors, additional vents, a thinner rear wing, different kevlar weave in the tub, and a quilted headlining. The publication also notes that the car was recently given the Red Book Classiche Certification by Ferrari and officially claimed as a prototype.

Since the car left the factory in 1987, it accumulated only 4,971 miles on its odometer. That means hardly anyone drove it over the past several decades. That is a true shame considering how good the car must be to drive. The dealer says the owner received the car as a gift from Enzo Ferrari.

For more information, you can visit Tom Hartley Jr.’s website. The price is not listed. There are also several other amazing machines for sale at the dealer, including a regular production F40 if that’s more to your fancy.