0-60 is way off!

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    a typical 0-60 sprint in a Z would be between 5-5.5 depending on the conditions under ideal condition a z can run flat 5s consistantly

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    0-60 is way off!

    These figures couldn't be right, my VW Golf VR6 does the same 1/4 mile even though it's somewhat slower to 60 (6,9). This does 0-60 in 6 seconds flat at the most, probably between 5,5 and 6,0. 5 flat for a car that weighs nearly two tonnes? No.
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    I think I have this figured out. The administrators on this site are all Honda owners, and are paid by the Honda corporation to make up ridiculous figures about Nissans. I own a 350Z (read my reply regarding that car for more info) and I was recently embarrassed by a slightly modified 300ZX on the street. By embarrassed, I mean the dude was like a length and a half ahead as I upshifted to 4th, but still I hate losing even if its close. Well, I didn't mind the time a stuck to the ass of a late 90's 911 turbo, that was cool. Anyway as I said before my 0-60 is low to mid 5 seconds so a 1993 Turbo ZX is in the same realm.

    By the way, I used to own a Camaro and an Audi A4 and loved them both, so don't bias me as an import racer. I love all cars as long as they aren't ugly and don't suck.
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    this is for Z32TT. I have modefied 2 300zx TT. The car will handle 16psi but you have to be kind of conservative on how you use the power. A stock Z TT will not handle extreme use for long. Something else you have to take into consideration is that on 16 psi with 555cc injectors, intercooler, EUC upgrade, cold air intake, you are going to be wasting a lot of freaking gas. your gas milage will go down to about 10-12 mpg. The sotck turbos are small and the tiny ceremic fans inside will break at 17psi. I believe that they are the TDO4L's. A lot of brands make turbo upgrades that don't change out the actuall units. Top fuel makes a good turbo kill kit that changes out the up-pipe, down-pipe, turbo housing, turbo fan and other turbo components like oil lines and gaskets. Plus it's cheaper than buying a new turbo kit. I paid $1,300 for that particular kit and it's about $4,450 for an actual HKS Kit. my latest z is at 530 rwhp but I have many more upgrades.
    May I suggest what upgrades and brands you could try:
    1, intercooler(you got that)
    2, 555cc nismo injectors
    3, Jim wolf ECU upgrade
    4, Stillen Cold Air intake
    5, High output Nismo fuel pump (you can have all the injectors in the world, but they wont mean crap withought a good fuel pump)
    6, turbo back exhaust 3 1/4' (no bigger, any bigger and you will have no backpressure, thats not good either)
    7, Denso plugs/w magnacore wires.
    8, New starter unit from msg ignition systems( that is the first thing that goes out on a 300z)

    I am helping you out because The 300zx is my favorite car and I don't want to see anyone destroy their car.
    P.s. When my car was a stock 1991 300zx TT it ran an average of 5.2 sec 0-60 and 13.6sec 1/4 mile at my local drag stip. the car was run 3 times.
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    Thai shoul dbe fun.

    1st.The stock turbos are T25's
    2nd.a stock fuel pump will handle over 500WHP
    3rd. you will never need an exhaust bigger than 2.5 inches
    4th. denso plugs suck and you should use NGK PFR6B-11B's
    5th. The 300zx uses coil packs, not plug wires.
    6th. an ignition is considered a waste of money
    7th. I was getting 16MPG at 16PSI on stock turbos and injectors
    8th, WTF is an "up pipe" there is no such thing, only a DP
    9th. a turbo kit is 2 turbos

    last you obviously know nothing about this car.
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    I never said that a kit was a mono turbo. Besides you have to chill out man I was just trying to help. I don't see you helping out the guy. I do know something about this car. First of all I doubt that you would be getting 16mpg on a modified car. Not a 500hp car!! Second the Top fuel kit exists, I’ve sold 5 kits and those guys are untouchable. Third, learn to type. Fourth, I can get him all those parts for under $2500 bucks. Hell I'll throw in a key chain. I can do this because I work at Racing Trenz In Denver. If you’re ever in town and want to race stop by. Otherwise Relax, stop insulting people, stop thinking that you are better than everyone else, and grow up.
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    I live in south Denver myself and now you know why nobody who owns a Z buys any parts from you guys. Your shop sucks. I came down there to have a look at the profec E-01 and you guys were WAY overpriced. But I ended up getting the profec B spec 2 insted.

    I am helping this guy by telling him that you son't know what you are talking about. I know the majority of Z owners in the state including some of the TRI-Z's and most of the cruz guys. The guy with the most powerful car in the state is running PE1420's not your "topfuel" kit.

    I still get between 15-17 MPG on my Z. It's all how you drive.

    You can get those parts for $2500 bucks huh? Well considering a chip alone is between 300-600 and injectors are 822 at the cheapest that's doubtful unless you sell some cheesey parts.

    So do you own the slow NSX or the 240?
  8. thanx guys..i just bought my baby 2 seater twin turbo Z 2 weeks ago...the car is stock with 5 speed..damn this car is fast like hell..scary fast..heres my mod plan
    -air intake kit
    -bigger side mount intercoolers(i heard that front mount will decrease power and cause turbo lag)
    -full exhaust 3 inch turbo back
    -performance ECU
    -555cc injectors
    -electronic boost controller
    -turbo upgrade..a pair of big ball bearing turbo
    -better fan and radiator(for better cooling job)
    -water injection kit(again for better cooling job)

    and my goal is to run 18psi..with my mod plan..u think the car can handle 18psi with stock internals?
  9. I have ran 17PSI on stock injectors, intercoolers and turbos with no problems. Stock internals have been proven to handle over 600WHP.

    BTW: stick with a 2.5" exhaust. There is absolutely no need for a 3 inch.
  10. They under rate the cars 0-60 time for insurance purposes. Of course
    the 0-60 time is faster.Car and Driver has to help Nissan sell it's vehicles to the U.S market for that purpose.
  11. superlativeone! correct me if im wrong..but stock Z32TT internals handle 500hp max..not 600hp
  12. superlativeone! correct me if im wrong..but stock Z32TT internals handle 500hp max..not 600hp

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