1400hp Koenigsegg One:1

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ANP, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. this is the best looking car Koenigsegg has ever made

    I'm not sure why they have to keep tacking bits to it
  2. honestly i think its sweet. i wouldn't spend my $3.5m on it but i'm happy that it exists

    you guys let RB get to you too much
  3. I'd actually really enjoy seeing this tested/hotlapped by the press the same way something like the P1 is and get some real objective feedback on it.
  4. It's cool and all, but its suspension tech is miles behind what McLaren is doing. P1 will absolutely kill this thing in the corners
  5. lol you should let McLaren know that the P1 would need to lose lots of weight and perhaps generate some more downforce before they can begin to think about competing with this in the corners.
  6. I disagree.

    I used to feel the same. I used to think that we would all like this car if RB didn't spread his seed all over it all the time.

    But like 8 years later, with the same design...I'm pretty much spent now. It's like, if the Lambo Gallardo started in 1997 and kept evolving with more wings and shit and remained basically the same into 2015.

    For what they are calling it and for what they want to sell it for, you are getting SO MUCH less than with any other comparable car.

    People will buy anything. This car, in my honest opinion, is basically on the same level as the Veneno Lamborghini.

    They aren't marketing themselves as like, Singer or Eagle or some other coachbuild-ish type of car. They straight up market this like it's the second coming of the Messiah when realistically, it's like the 15th incarnation of a 1990's car.
  7. The weight and power actually hurts the Koenigsegg. You ain't getting traction from 900 hp put down on corner exit.

    The downforce figures from the P1 are actual real world correlated from the windtunnel and CFD to the track.

    Are you confident in saying that Koenigsegg has done that? Note, this is tens of millions of dollars of R&D. Nice to say this and that about the One:1 but it hasn't even set foot on a real track.

    Hydraulic suspension > all
  8. This car is the Spinal Tap of the automotive world. Shit, it's even called the 11.
  10. This looks like shitcock
  11. koenigsegg started selling cars in 2002. if this is the last of this body style, that is only a year longer than the gallardo was produced for. obviously it isn't good value for money but who gives a shit

    i think the lamborghini veneno is dope too
  12. I don't think it has enough going on. They should add some more bullshit and more random patches of different colors.
  13. i still like the ccr
  14. QFT
  15. ccr was awesome. everything after that sucks
  16. 2000 Audi TT a/c vents lol
  17. This.

    And I don't mean to shit on Koenigsegg or anything, it's a small company and has financial constraints to deal with everyday like every other small manufacturer. It's not all passion, engineering and design. It's quite an achievement to stay afloat for so long, every other supercar/exotic company pops out here and there, make a model, and then *puff*, they disappear. But Pagani, arguably a very similar shop with K'segg with a very similar timeline, managed to pull out a new model and move forward. What's Ksegg doing? Just playing with numbers.
  18. the zonda was produced from 1999-2013, and they did exactly the same thing with the progression of the car and making 100 different special models. if koenigsegg releases a new car in 2015 they will be on the same timeline as pagani
  19. ALL the nex gen cars...........lol well even last gen cars are far better then this in overall performanc. This new little joke of Yawn same old thing is just boring and now uglier then ever. I like this cars a decade ago when it was some what relevant. If you really think ANY Koenigsegg can come close to the 918 P1 or LaFerrari you really are kidding yourself.
  20. Ksegg has taken perfection to a new level with this car. I just love that it looks like it shouldn't even be road legal, and the performance to match.

    Even the pistons that no one would ever see are a work of art.
  21. The difference with the Zonda is I can't think of any cases of reviewers being really disappointed with it. I think part of the problem with Koenigsegg is that they make all of these very specific performance claims, that seem to go unverified. Pagani has never really boasted about figures, and are better for it. Don't get me wrong though, I'm on your side, I'm glad Koenigsegg exists, the more the merrier, even if they aren't my personal favorite. I would certainly stop and take pictures if I saw a Koenigsegg on the street, or drive one given the chance.
  22. +1
    Both companies started in the 90s. The first 6L Zonda didn't really sell or wasn't ready for production. More like a prototype. The 7.0/7.3 happened in 2001/2, pretty much same years as the CC8S. And Pagani later pulled a roadster, and the F which had a few upgrades. These were the main models people cared about. There were no significant updates and outlandish claims every other year. Sure some track-day versions like the Cinque/R came out at the end of Zonda's heyday but were more like about developing a sort of pedigree for Pagani, and they were quite differentiated from the C12 S or F.

    Every other year, K'segg is announcing a "new" model with more hp more top speed more whatever
  23. the big difference i see is pagani was still building zondas because people were asking them for bespoke customs. i'll concede the 11 is the same thing but they're still making the cc and have no intention to move on. the "why ra?" is most certainly a newer and more advanced car than the zonda
  24. Looks photoshopped. How does the piston head not have a pin?
  25. yah, would TOTALLY rather have that than a retractable rear wing.

    oh, hmmm.....lets see....throw in a gold plated rear spoiler....and....a DIAMOND ENCRUSTED KEY while you're at it.

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