Discussion in '1994 Schuppan 962CR' started by Geo assassin, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. I'd rather buy a house..unless you absolutley LOOOOVE sleeping in your cramped racing car.

    Who would even buy this for a respect car? Would you even dare take it outside you garage???
  2. psycho price
  3. I'd pay it... if I had that kind of money
  4. Are you naturally stupid or did your mother beat u senseless when your young??
    his car gets respect just by looks. and you cant fu(king afford this if ur life depended on it so why the hell do you care. you know what..
    just go and masterbate to ur anime porn and when ur learn about cars.... then come back u dipshit
  5. Seeing that only 5 of these exist, and that it is a LeMans winning race car (that's overall, not just a class win), I'd say the price tag is fine for a collector that can appreciate a hand built, pure racing machine. Rarity mixed with insane performance justifies the price of this car. Just because a car doesn't have an insane amount of HP (and 600HP is pretty damn high for the average driver), don't automatically assume it sucks.
  6. love your avatar dude. Halo 3 comes out tomarrow.
  7. Yep....my point exactly, dude.

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