160 horsepower for a reason

Discussion in '1934 MG P-Type Midget' started by venom800R, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. AC Cobras before Shelby got his hands on them had performance similar to this. The point of a little British roadster like this is too enjoy. Small, light cars with low horsepower like this have enough juice to take them comfortably beyond highway speeds and still be fun. It's not a racecar. It's a toy. You want to race, don't buy the car. All around, it's a nice little touring car.
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    I'm honestly amazed to see a sensible comment coming from a Viper fan!
    No offense to u but I was expecting u to say "where's the power?" like most Viper fans do!
    U got it right though............this is all about fun.
    It has been(old model) the best selling roadster in the UK for 7 years running and this new version looks very good.

    Just look at the Elise............u don't have to have huge power to have fun!<!-- Signature -->
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    Brit Cars,

    Have you seen one of these on the roads yet? I may have seen one before but not noticed it - I parked up behind one earlier - it is t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e. Worse than the old one. A mate used to have one, and he said it was like owning a 2 seater Fiesta. I can't believe how bad this car looks in the plastic - the photos are really deceptive - make it look a lot leaner than the old MGF - god it was awful...
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    I think this car looks gorgeous in real life.
    I think it's a vast improvement on the old model in terms of looks and the way it drives.
    OK it's not a driver's car like the Elise or the VX220 but it fills it's sector very(ie:hairdresser's car!) <!-- Signature -->
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    Honest to god - I was shocked. I still think its looks better than the MGF in photos, but it looked terrible in british racing green on the street. But then it was parked next to a certain little blue elise ;-)

    just looks a bit too flabby to me - and I don't like the nose up close. *shudder* but you're right - I think that it does its job well enough. Cut & blow dry sir?

    BTW - have you read the new ad for it? I almost burst an artery laughing. Here's the copy:

    "Bought a new sports car recently? Kept the receipt?

    Typical. No sooner have you driven off the forecourt in your brand new roadster, when someone overtakes you in a better one. With 75 years of racing pedigree behind it, British sports cars lke the new MGTF don't come along everyday. The TF's range of more powerful mid mounted alloy engines mean that it is not only perfectly balanced, but the TF160, for example, will propel you from 0-60 in a staggering 6.9 seconds"

    I could go on, but I fear you'd required hospital treatment for laughter induced spasms. The factual inacuracies almost make me want to report them to the ASA. But I am "staggered" about the 0-60 time. How is it that it takes that long? No wonder they don't come along all that often. LOL...
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    Don't forget, the 160 is only a fill in for the time being till the XPOWER versions are released later this year. Anyway, our cars need to be able to corner too, we have these things called "roundabouts" and "country lanes" ;)

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