1938 Maybach SW 38 Roadster by Spohn

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    1938 Maybach SW 38 Roadster by Spohn
    Stock: FJ516
    VIN: 2055
    Engine: 6 Cyl, no. 11 164
    Transmission: Manual
    Color: Black / Red Leather
    Mileage: 46,008 KMS
    Price: $3,750,000.00
    One of Two Maybach SW 38 Spohn `Disappearing Top` Roadsters

    1938 Maybach SW38 Roadster
    With Disappearing Top Coachwork by Spohn
    Chassis no. 2055, Engine no. 11164
    Black with Red Interior

    Until their recent reinstatement, Maybach was a relatively obscure company, despite its illustrious and important history. Their history goes back to before the invention of the automobile, when Wilhlem Maybach had worked closely with Gottlieb Daimler during the development of the very first automobile. Maybach`s concentration was always on engines, and his own inventions included the honeycomb radiator and the atomizing carburetor. During World War I, his engine expertise was employed in a number of aircraft engines, and it was on the basis provided by these engines that the first automobile engines were developed after the war. His original intention had been to produce only engines for automobiles, but upon discovering that most companies preferred to use engines of their own (and usually inferior) design, he switched to the manufacture of complete cars. These cars were typically Teutonic in construction and execution, and truly represented the pinnacle of engineering and quality. Indeed, no more expensive automobile could be purchased when these cars were new. The cars were truly built to last a lifetime, and featured innovative technological features that were implemented in a breathtaking and beautifully detailed fashion. From the latches on the luggage compartment, to the engine turned aluminum accents in the engine compartment, everything about this car speaks to the craftsmanship and fanatical detail that was applied to what is surely among the finest cars ever made. Even the splash guards inside the rear fender wells are beautifully wrought engine-turned aluminum.

    This particular car is one of just two disappearing top SW38 roadsters with coachwork by Spohn. This was the most sporting bodywork available on their most sporting chassis, and in conjunction with an aircraft-derived twin carburetor six-cylinder engine, the SW38 was capable of remarkable performance, including a 95mph top speed. This car is supremely elegant, striking, and well-proportioned, and has received a high quality restoration done some years ago. The car comes with a remarkable sheaf of records dating from the 1950`s and 1960`s, mostly in German, in addition to magazine articles and some stamps that depict the full line of Maybach automobiles. The car was confiscated during World War II by the Nazis and was thought to have been lost, until it turned up at the Maybach factory in 1956. It was imported to the United States in 1958 by a Mercedes-Benz collector, and was subsequently kept by a woman in Southern California for many years, and occasionally shown locally. It was restored approximately fifteen years ago by Mike Fennel Restorations, and was in Japan for a few years after that before returning to the United States.

    This is car is cosmetically beautiful with superb quality paintwork over well-prepared panels with excellent fit and gaps. The paintwork shows some light wear and blemishes from age, rather than from use. The brightwork is a mixture of polished and chromed pieces and is excellent throughout and of very high quality. The glass and lights are excellent, and the net result is a car with tremendous presence.

    The interior is in similarly nice condition, with an extremely high quality feel and just a few small blemishes. The seat leather is slightly patinated, while the remaining leather on the dashboard and seats is excellent and appears nearly new. The fixtures and gauges are all excellent and of breathtaking quality and feel, as befits the car`s very high initial price. The carpeting is nearly unworn, and the woodwork is excellent with very high luster and no cracks. The door jambs are beautifully detailed and are finished entirely with engine-turned aluminum.

    The cylinder head cover and various other engine parts are also finished with engine-turned aluminum, and contribute to the awe-inspiring engine compartment. The engine bay is completely detailed, beautifully finished, and remains extremely clean.

    The car is running and driving example. It starts easily and operates predictably. As a factor of their value, cars of this genre see little use in today`s motoring world. This example is no exception, and will likely require light restoration of the brake hydraulics before setting off on a long distance tour.

    This is an unparalleled opportunity to acquire an exceptionally unique and elite piece of international automotive history. A fully acknowledged car by the Maybach owner`s community, its history is undoubted. A comparable car in many ways to the Mercedes-Benz 500/540 Special Roadsters, this matching numbers Maybach SW38 Roadster will appeal to seasoned collectors with an eye for an exceedingly rare car which represents the finest form of style and craftsmanship of its era.



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