2008 WRX on the street

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  1. will be the last thing as well.
  2. That looks like a HUGE step in the wrong direction.
  3. Really. Any links? Is i going to be FWD? AWD? Turbo? I always thought it was dumb not to have something in the normal WRX zone for them.
  4. AWD and Turbo I believe. Supposed to be like the Lancer GSR of old.
  5. All base WRXs are bland looking. If it looks like this, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  6. Cool cool. I just want to know what pricing will be like if they do it.
  7. Just wait for ricers to buy them and then get one used.
  8. I like my cars well taken care of and the only person I trust is me.
  9. So you're only going to buy new cars in your life? Have fun throwing away like 2 million potential dollars. I will NEVER buy a brand new car until I'm worth like 5 million bucks or something. It's pointless and a huge waste for nothing.
  10. i honestly cant believe daewoo hasnt launched a lawsuit against this...
  11. I'm not talking about the WRX's. I'm talking about the Imprezas:
  13. ... I think my gf just traded in her wagon for a white 07 sti.

    more news to follow
  14. Your girlfriend is cool. Probably cooler than you.
  15. Well, that is true

    New details are she is considering a 05 sti. Depends on what % finance she can get
  16. It'd probably be wiser to get an 05 as far as money goes. Just get a super low mileage one instead of a new one and it's like the same dif but costs less.
  17. That looks like shit. Horrendous shit.
  18. Oh god, what happened?? Chrysler and Kia made babies?
  19. I just can't belive they could ruin it this bad. Like how does someone not speak up in Subaru, and be like: Are you sure you want it to look like this??? I soooooooo want a 06 maybe 07 STI after seeing this crap.
  20. No. The 07s are considerably more responsive to basic mods.
  21. For his GF who will never want to mod the vehicle ever... If it were for him then it might be worth springing for it, but it's not. Women shouldn't be allowed to have fast cars in the first place, and us males certainly shouldn't encourage them to buy one.
  22. 05s are still the best of the bunch.

    and they dont look like dogshit.
  23. Yeah but they have such shitty transmissions. They didn't get a decent one until 2006/2007 unless you mean the STi
  24. I mean STi, because we were talking about the STi, and I own an STi.
  25. Please, Suburu may have built the STi but everyone knows that Mitsubishi OWNS it.

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