2009 Yamaha R1

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  1. I love it. It looks like a monster, like someone injected the 07 with super serum and it got bigger, more muscular and turned into a psycho (those headlights are down right intimidating)

  2. Looks slightly better in this photo set.

    I will wait to see it/ride it before finally saying if it's ugly or not.

    And also, non integrated turn signals is the gayest thing on most bikes from Japan and even gayer on a top level bike like this.

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    Informative video despite the gay speaker.
  4. god damn that sounds awesome, i want to hear it with an exhaust
  5. I'm pretty sure the turn signal arrangement has to do with US regulations, not a Manufacturer design decision.
  6. Very first look I didn't care for it all that much, after seeing a few more pictures with different colour schemes (euro white/red = sex) I think it looks super hot.
  7. thats because you are a *****. go buy a moped. or better yet, go buy a video game simulator of you driving a moped.
  8. Looks much better in white/red or black/gold.

    But as a whole it doesn't really look all that special, it doesn't look as well balanced or proportional as a Ducati or Triumph for instance. Japanese companies can't pen a bike that looks as good as Europeans, I'm sorry.

    Other than that it's promising in the performance department...
  9. as good as it seems the r1 does nothing for me anymore ... ?
  10. also how the #$%# is my sig changed and pic ..,. lol
  11. Shit, all the litre bikes are more than I could handle anyway, so all that leaves is looks and price to pick a winner. I reckon the Honda looks better, and I don't have a fkin clue about prices in Aus.
  12. They should leave more older models to production. I thought it was awesome when you could still buy a Honda VTR SP2 only few years ago, even while the design was a bit dated. Naturally certain models can be found up to 2-3 years old, but at least in Europe they are quickly in danger of becoming obsolete due to worse emission standards...
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  13. I cant wait to see it in person, but damn its ugly.
  14. the pink really does pull it down !
  15. The 2009 CBR1000RR ABS

    The final bike will be slightly different.
  16. meh, both these bikes are way too azn
  17. True, but these asian bikes are some of the most thoroughbred machines in the world on any number of wheels.

    I got to ride my friends k6 1000 gixxer a few days ago and thats a bike that most people dismiss as just another squid bike but oh boy, the power, the bulldog like grip, the sound, everything was just unreal. And like he said, its almost three years old but he just changes the oil and tires and rides the shit out of it. It works like a clock day in day out.

    I cant stress the power enough, that bike was just so fast, my eyes couldnt keep up with the speedo

    the black one was the one I rode.
  18. ^^ nice terg. exhaust, i would be much happier with an 06 gixxer 1000, or even an 04 zx-10r, it would be stupid fast with a full exhaust and tune

    it seems like liter bikes are being infected with all the computer systems to keep it controlable, give me something that just has a stupid powerful motor on two wheels and nothing inbetween
  19. im seriously looking into that black one, im getting it for 7800k.
  20. i just meant they LOOK too azn

    i rode my friends 2004 cbr1000 rr. liter bikes are like no other. the power is a mix between the best and the most terrifying rush you've ever had. leagues above 600s.
  21. 7800000? That seems a lot. Maybe you meant 7.8k?

    Also, went to the motorbike expo yesterday, saw a few of these new R1's and I have to say they are rather ugly.
  22. I'll second that, all the jap superbikes look shit this time round.
    The ducati 1198 and 848 still look hot, and the MV Agustas still dont look dated even after ten years

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