300ZX TT, stock motor--- 10.74 @ 127.39mph

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  1. 336? I don't care enough to find you that many examples of Z's especially slow Z's. You have a handful of cars that have broken the 12.0 barrier on stock turbos, we have a handful that is sub 11.5 and one that's in the 10's. How fast can you go on stock fuel? 350whp? Did I say that everyone attending track events runs all stock? Of course not.

    I said that we have better components and you flop around like a fish out of water with absolutely nothing to base an argument off of....so you just respond with 'who cars about stock?'

    Nice work idiot.

    Most Z'ers could care less because Z's can't do it. You are the poster child for the 'sour grapes' thought process.

    And again you show your flip flopping, you talk about my car being slow, then when someone says your car is slow you're like I don't care what you think, my car is fast enough for me that's all that matters. Well I'll tell you what, since you have an all mighty m3ga 3lite 508rwhp, how about we put a little wager on it.

    I'm slow, so you shouldn't be worried. $5k, dig, roll, it doesn't matter. Where do you live, I'll be traveling a lot in 05. I'm sure I could fit a thrashing into my schedule.
  2. 1) James Byun 93 Z32 15.111 @ 91.460 MPH
    2) Zach Davidson 85 Z31 15.026 @ 91.030 MPH
    3) Pete B 94 Z32 14.964 @ 93.530 MPH
    4) "Z-Xtasy" 95 Z32 14.960 @ 95.000 MPH
    5) Chris Raab 92 Z32 14.900 @ 98.000 MPH
    6) Josh Anderson 91 Z32 14.800 @ 95.800 MPH
    7) Chris Radivonyk 90 Z32 14.706 @ 93.570 MPH
    8) Gerry 92 Z32 14.700 @ 95.010 MPH
    9) Tom Lahr 86 Z31 14.400 @ 95.000 MPH
    10) Arnel Labrado 93 Z32 14.266 @ 95.680 MPH
    11) Paul Hillman 84 Z31 14.039 @ 98.380 MPH
    12) Wayne Wong 90 Z32 13.800 @ 107.700 MPH
    13) "Wui" 90 Z32 13.754 @ 105.840 MPH
    14) "Kenneth" 83 280ZX 17.130 @ 77.890 MPH
    15) "phishie" 03 Z33 14.800 @ 96.000 MPH
    16) "Mr J" 04 Z33 14.690 @ 96.910 MPH
    17) "RT" 03 Z33 14.400 @ 99.700 MPH
    18) "PoWeRtRiP" 03 Z33 14.400 @ 98.700 MPH
    19) "JimRHIT" 03 Z33 14.367 @ 98.230 MPH
    20) "Z for ME" 03 Z33 14.312 @ 98.770 MPH
    21) "1sickZ33" 03 Z33 14.250 @ 99.290 MPH
    22) Anthony Mantovani 03 Z33 14.203 @ 101.580 MPH
    23) "Bowlergi21" 03 Z33 14.170 @ 99.090 MPH
    24) "Blownaway" 03 Z33 14.121 @ 100.450 MPH
    25) "350_Z" 03 Z33 14.113 @ 101.740 MPH
    26) "JimH" 03 Z33 14.102 @ 99.461 MPH
    27) "MT" 04 Z33 14.100 @ 99.600 MPH
    28) "Toronto350Z" 03 Z33 13.995 @ 102.000 MPH
    29) "Nano" 03 Z33 13.965 @ 102.189 MPH

    Not exactly 336, but 29 stock "Z owners" drag racing closer to the goal.
  3. laxative it getting pwned to pieces
  4. timeless good looks...HA!
  5. Thats a matter of opinion.
  6. I'm going to have to correct you there. Just recently featured on our good friends at Ebay was a 91 TT with over 100k miles that is the fastest stock Z32 ever. It runs mid to low 11's on street tires without nos and has no more upgrades then exhaust and a boost controller. I'm not sure how many other's you could find out there that run that but theres one. And why are you comparing a supra to a Z32? The supra's alot more expensive and yes I can bet you that alot or atleast some Z32 owners would rather have a supra but they dont because its too expensive and they dont feel like buying a 7M with 130k+ miles on it and rebuilding the turbo ect....

    So everyone here needs to get overthemselfs and go on with life because this thread has veered in so many different directions that its not even the same thread. We went from a 350Z's reliablity, a Z32 Vs. Countor (which was the one of the worst comparision's I have seen) to how fast can Z32's be to a Z32 Vs. Supra.
  7. Too bad there is only one 91 Z32 on Ebay that even remotely matches your description. Shockingly there are a ton of "unmolested", as one seller put it, 91 Z32s up for auction right now.

    It is a black 91 Z32 TT with 140K in mileage seller stating "Vehicle was puting out almost 400hp before accident, was in great condition". Must of poured too much toulene in it and the fumes leaked through the A/C vents, because he had a nasty accident with a tree, closing the description with:

    "car is totaled turbocharged engine seems fine, good for parts or maybe a motor swap."

    So I don't think it runs anywhere in 11s, unless it's parking brake is let down and put in gear and given a good running push down a steep hill.
  8. I would hope it's not on ebay still I saw it around the 4th of july.
  9. "Just recently featured on our good friends at Ebay"

    July was 5 months ago toulene huffer...
  10. Recent enough for me.
  11. Translation: Recent enough to have absolutely no proof of existance.

    With that said, I saw a Ford SVT Contour running 9s on 205/60R15 street radial tires with no "nos" (nitrous for those who can discern the difference between the actual product and a brand name) or any forced induction about January of 2002 on Ebay.
  12. Good for you?
  13. 7M? Child you're talking to 2JZ owners. 130K? We have Supras breaking 900whp with 190k miles on them. We also have owners with 130-150k miles still running around with the stock turbos and just getting to rebuid IF they have been boosting. But once again why rebuild the stocks when its just easier to switch over to a single with more power and someimes less lag.
  14. No you misread my post. I said that 2JZ's are too expensive and there only other alternitive for a decent supra is a 7M. I really like 7M's but there just too beat on most of the time to buy.
  15. Unlike the uber cheap to maintain Z32s.. when your stock mass air flow sensor goes on the fritz, it's only a $700 bill with $550 of it being the part itself...
  16. PIFt the only problem you ahve to watch is for the Headgasket and the rusty body if it has rust going on
  17. My stepdad owned 2 Z32TT's. One 1995 and one 1996 both bought used by only a couple of months. He never had a problem. I have never had a problem with my Z and no one elese I know has had problem with there Z's either.
  18. Oh and my friend with the 7M had a shit load of problems when he bought his. There was the gasket as you pointed out, the car alarm just turned on once and wouldnt turn off so he had to disconnect the battery and then the car alarm, bad starter, paint faded rather quickly but ofcourse he lives in AZ so thats not suprise and some minor problems since. But now its fine and running 450hp but I just dont feel like replacing all that so I have the Z and soon to come sentra which will be a pain in the ass, but a cheap and fun pain in the ass atleast.
  19. You're not correcting me, you're giving me an example. I said a handfull faster than 12.00 on stock turbos...I didn't say they couldn't go 11.30's

    But...I PROMISE YOU, he did not go 11.3x with just an exhaust and boost controller. It DID NOT HAPPEN. Especially not on street tires. I know there are a few (read: probably less than 5) Z32's that are 11.1-11.5, but you will not get there with just an exhaust and boost controller on street tires...sorry, it just didn't happen.

    A guy down here in central florida just went 11.3x on drag radials, 140k mile motor, 140k mile stock twins etc. It's a hardtop car (60lbs lighter) And doesn't even have that many mods, I'll get you a link to the thread on supraforums if you wish.

    I'm pretty sure it was superlativeone who made the first supra comment...not positive but most likely...he always likes to have some arrogant ignorant comment when a supra owner proves him wrong. I'm still wondering if he wants to take me up on my offer...or maybe nike's aren't as good as my et streets?

    The entire point of everything I've said to you is don't spout off bullshit. You had/have no clue what you're talking about...so don't say anything. If I don't know something, I either don't post, or I say that I don't know...don't make shit up, because odds are, there's someone who knows more than you do there.
  20. I cant help it if you choose not to belive somthing but that doesnt mean I'm not going to stop telling you. ALL the mods he has was boost controller and exhaust. THATS IT, PERIOD.
  21. Oh and I dont remember the exact PSI but he was running around 20-25 at the track I think.
  22. That's fine...if that's all he had, peachy. He didn't run 11.3. I'm sorry, you cannot overcome physics. The car is not that fast. If one guy can do it with a boost controller, street tires and exhaust, the boys that have upgraded intercooler(s), slicks, upgraded fuel, upgraded everything would be doing it too...

    Not to mention, he isn't going to run 11.3 on those stock 360/370cc or whatever injectors that he has. Show some proof or stop running your mouth, this is what got you in trouble earlier.

    You're full of shit, because I KNOW it didn't happen.
  23. He's a supra owner..they know everything <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  24. Do YOU have any proof of this car? Thought not.
  25. Dont blame him. It's not his fault that his ego is almost as big as his exhaust<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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