800 tt vs. Speed 12

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    really...if so why are people always compareing this with lingenfelter Vette...?
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    No one knows the speed 12's performance. It has got over 960Bhp no one knows exactly what the figure is cos the cables snapped on the dyno and they did'nt test it again.

    Speed wise it was meant to go over 240Mph not top out at 240Mph, this was set to be a McLaren F1 beater, but I agree that once you get to a certain sped it no longer becomes as important cos you wont use it.

    I would prefer the Speed 12 cos it's stock, I would guess it has siilar performace and I prefer the styling.
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    nah i'll stick with the Vipers...
    i'm not that great of a TVR fan...
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    Wel I'm british you see. Thats not why I'm such a TVR fan though, I always liked TVR since I first saw the Cerbera, before that I was'nt really into cars then and did'nt know much about them but I liked the Cerbera, and to top it off I have had the pleasure of driving one not long ago. I like their no compromise style as well. It's an opinion thing.
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    well i've only ever been behind the wheel of:
    a 1979 Falcon Wagon...
    a 1986 Magna (my car)...
    a 1990 Magna Wagon...
    & a 2000 Starlet...

    yep...4 cars...thats it!
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    consider with all that power, and a rear wheel drive layot, a heavy V12 in the front, the weight transfer of the car would be alot to consider, especially under braking and then hard accelleration. Yes, there are traction control & stability control systems, but it will harm handling & accelleration. Then again the throttle is variable, but if the car creates that amount of torque and power at such low RPMs, my guess is the car would still be hard to handle.
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    The Speed 12's V12 is very light, the car has close to 50/50 weight distribution and it weighs 1000Kg. Also there are no traction cotrol and stability control in the Speed 12 so the driving is purly you in charge. The car is hard to handle though and thats one reason why it never reached production, only one was sold and it went for £155,000 so price wise these two cars are very similar but the Speed 12 is way more powerfull.
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    More power doesn't make the Speed 12 any betta...not to me any way...
    Handling, Acceleration and Speed are what matters to me...
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    And no ones tested the handling of the Speed 12. I totally agree that handling is as important as speed but the Speed 12 lapped Silverstone faster than a McLaren F1 in it's only public test to date.
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    u serious...
    done the track faster then the McLaren F1...
    god damn that is fast, must also have good brakeing...
    'cause the McLaren out breaks every car on the track...
    bein 1 reason y it always wins...
    plus the fact that it's damn fast!

    Stats from SuperCars.net

    Price: $245 000 USD
    Power: 800.0 bhp @ 7250 rpm
    Weight: 1000 kg / 2205 lbs
    Top Speed: 386.2 kph / 240.0 mph
    0-60: est 3.5 seconds

    ( www.supercars.net/cars/[email protected][email protected]$Cerbera%20Speed%2012g.html)
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    Yep like I said though it was a public test in the only Speed 12 sold to the public. The bakes on this are exeptional and better than the F1's the F1 has taken several of the corners faster but it was close and it must have been stright line speed that sperated the times.
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    The Speed 12 isn't the only car that beats a mclaren.

    The 800tt Could probably beat the mclaren aswell:

    Venom 800TT (street tires):
    0-60: 3.21
    0-100 mph: 6.6 sec
    1/4 Mile: 10.71 @ 137.6 mph
    Skidpad: 1.06g
    Braking, 60-0 mph: 110 ft
    Slalom Speed: 75.1 mph

    97 McLaren F1:
    0-60: 3.2 sec
    0-100: 6.3 sec
    1/4 Mile: 11.1 sec @ 138 mph
    Skidpad: .86g
    Braking, 60-0 mph: 127 ft
    Slalom Speed: 64.5 mph

    So technically, the 800tt like the speed 12, could beat the mclaren.

    It could brake into the corner better (60-0 braking), stay in the corner better (skidpad), and accelerate out of the corner better than the F1. And on the straight aways the 800tt Could beat the F1.

    So if the speed 12 and 800tt were compared, it might be a close race.

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    just imagine what the 1000tt could do to a McLaren...

    the SVS Stryker Viper TT is also a car (also a Viper) that can beat the McLaren...
    but i don't think it's production...is it...?
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    Like in the other thread:

    Technically, hennessey does produce VENOM VIPERS. And SVS does produce the Stryker vipers.

    Yes they tune stock vipers, but they make or Produce the venom series/SVS series vipers.

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    Re: 800 tt vs. Speed 12

    well the SVS stryker Viper TT Stage III has:

    Horsepower at Crank: 1,100
    Torque (ft lbs) at Crank: 1,300
    Horsepower at Rear Wheels: 950
    Torque (ft lbs) at Rear Wheels: 1,150
    Turbocharger Boost: 12 PSI
    1/4 Mile Performance: 9.50 @ 150+ MPH
    Estimated Top Speed: 260 MPH
    0-60 - 2.7 sec
    0-100 - 6.0 sec

    which clearly looks like material to beat a McLaren or Speed 12.

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    I have to say I've never seen any proof outside these forums that says the 800tt can beat an F1, seriousely it's got a worse weight distribution and a hight center of garvity along with it being a heavier car, at least you have the proper 0-60 times though unlike most who post time it took with slicks, so I'm not going to call you liar cos I don't know for certain and that might be right but unless there is a test that can directley compare the two I'llgo with the F1.
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    Very good point about the center of gravity height, and overall weight. With a lower center of gravity height you get less body roll for one. With less body roll you can use softer anti-roll bars, and softer spring rates. A lower weight alows for the same advantages. These are advantages because that means it is easier for the car to keep it's tires in optimual contact with the road. This allows for better cornering speeds, acceleration, and braking abilities. The McLaren F1 also has less weight transfer in side to side cornering. This means better response. It also means tha car will be more neutral in it's handling generaly, and not have understeer issues. The F1 also has a far better suspension design in general, if you want an explinatioin of why I will need about 10 pages. The F1 can also enter sharper corners quicker because of it's lower weight, and lower center of gravity height because the car reacts quicker, and the tires can handle more g's. One of the biggest complaints about the Viper is that the handling is laggy, and that the car oversteers coming into the corner, and oversteers out of the corner. There are driver's whose style fits this type of car, but for the most part it is a poor way for a car to handle. On the contrary, people who have driven the F1 say that when tuned properly, i.e. like in race spec or a privatery who has taken advantage of the fully adjustable suspension, the car handles perfectly, always predictable, no oversteer on entry, and that the car always feels like it could go handle the turn a little faster than you are.

    What does this have to do with the Speed 12 and the 800 tt? well the Speed 12 weighs less than the McLaren, is said to have an extremely low center of gravity, and has 50/50 weight distribution. The same things that hold true for the McLaren F1 hold true for the Speed 12 when it comes to handling realy. Both have highly devoloped racing suspensioin sytems on them, the Speed 12 actually having the race suspension, just tuned a little softer and higher(You can change it back) for the street. Teh Speed 12 also would likely out accelerate the 800 tt, only if TVR could find a street tire with enough grip. The Speed 12 has 940 bhp and weighs 1150 kg. That is over 900 bhp/ton! With that type of power this car is capable of some extreme 0-100 mph(5 sec. range), and 0-150 times, even 0-200 would be awsome. Plus the in gear numbers would be insane. While the torque figure is rather unknown realy, no official word from TVR on it realy, they have said some. We know it makes 660lb ft at 5700 rpm (580 bhp if I remember right, I don't have my bhp fomula to check right now though). We also know that TVR engines are compared to BMW's when it comes to how fat their power band is. So we can assume a little that the V12 in this beast has some realy amazing torque numbers in the lower ends as well, likely in the 700lb ft range at least.

    Also, will people please quit saying a TVR Speed 12 raod car was sold. Not one has been period! "over 900bhp in a car weighting just over a ton is plainly ridiculus on the road," said Peter Wheeler in an interview with Evo(052)p.109, after driving home a prototype. They made only a limited number, likely 2, and sold none of them. there are several race versions of the car though, and I believe I have counted 6 different ones for sale. I have also seen a race version that was converted into a road legal car in the duPont Registry. The add said the engine had the restrictors removed, and the built in minimal restrictor shaved. It claimed 800+ bhp, with dyno testing to prove. A paint job was also given to it, I believe it was black. I believe this is the car that most people see and think it is the real deal for sale. It isn't, sorry to break your dreams.
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    he has got a point, every 1 is goin' off stats...
    u need to put the McLaren and Venom next 2 each other on a drag strip...
    but 'll put my money on the Venom...
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    Do you have a link to this test anywhere? Such a feat is astounding, and would surely be published. Hell, any test of a street McLaren F1 (and its lap time) around Silverstone would be published.
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    It may not be able to keep up, but I like it a lot more.
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