A good move for GM would be

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  1. It did, and I don't think it's a bad truck at all, it just doesn't look anywhere near interesting/unique/good.
  2. Unless it'a Chevy or GMC full size in which case 4 years down the road you'll get several thousand more for it than you could possibly owe.
  3. you're all retarded, this is a good design assholes

    the subtle offroader look of the front bumper is a must when it comes to compact SUVs, hell just look at how georgous the XC70 is, you shit heads wouldnt know a "good looking car" if it had "good looking car" written on it.
  4. Ehm, they depreciate pretty hard too, son.
  5. everything GM , depreciates, Last summer the local dealership were selling C6s under msrp,and how much does a used H2 go for? like 40K CAD? ouch!
  6. The Tribute/Escape stomped the competition when they came out. They were special because they had the v6, better AWD, etc.
  7. the G35 looks much nicer than the CTS
  8. the XC70 is not an SUV...but if it was, it is so much better looking than the Escape, the escape is not a V70, it will never be mistaken for one, it not good looking. Others in this thread have made that quite clear.
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  10. the escape is getting a facelift...

  11. What do you expect from a car that was built in the 90's? It was only refreshed, not redone.
  12. The 3/4 and 1 tons sure as hell don't, boy.

    Now don't make me bring the Corvette's resale value in to this.
  13. I can't believe you just called the XC70 a compact SUV.
  14. Yawn.

    Go cry in the corner and cut yourself. "WAHH WAHH, MUST YELL AT INTERNET PPLZ!!!11"
  15. If there is one Ford car I don't like is the Crown Vic. From 50 feet away it looks like an 80's Vic. The Fusion has the best Ford sedan in over 30 years.
  16. The crown vic is one of the few fords i like. actually I like mostly all of Fords car lineup, minus the 500, which just doesnt look right, not say it looks bad.

    However the escape is crap, it truly is.
  17. Wrong, they should hire Chryslers designers. Thats american looks.
  18. Not relative to the Dodge and Ford 3/4 tons, no. They still do devalue quite quickly, though. From 60,000 to 41,000 in a year.
  19. I'm pretty sure the Escape/Tribute got their last facelifts a year or so ago. Likely this is an all-new model (probably Focus-based)...

    In any case the Escape looked better than anything in its segment that I can recall... the new Suzuki's are really nice tho...
  20. CX-7
  21. CX-7 is bigger and signifigantly more expensive. Ford will definately fit an Escape replacement under the Edge (sistermate to CX-7), and likely now even something under the Escape (a la the current EcoSport). Not sure Mazda will replace the Tribute tho...
  22. It's not really that much bigger or expensive. It's in the same class.
  23. The Escape starts low-20s Canadian. The Edge will likely start in the high 20s, and you'll likely be able to option it much higher than the Escape. Also the next-gen Escape will likely be a bit smaller and cheaper than current (e.g. moving fro a C/D platform to a C platform)...
  24. No but relaive to all vehicles they hold their value very well which is the point I'm making. The SUVs are also among the best in terms of retained value and lowest depreciation.
  25. I was referring to how compact offroaders should have that styl;e of bumper, like theone on the XC70

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