A joke (im not posting this cuz i dont like imports i just find

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  1. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    You idiot i said that YOU consider the average length as big as an ants.

    When i say that it couldn't stand a chance against a V8 i am talking generally. I don't mean every V8 ever mad could beat it. So your saying that smaller engined cars handle better than big engines. Well that's crap because most of the best handling cars have bigger engines.

    So you think your Michael Schumacher because you race your PIECE OF SH*T CIVIC. 'IF you haven't, than i'm far beyond your driving ability'. GO pull yaself a bit harder, it makes you feel huge.

    GO FU*K yourself was what i was tryin to say.
  2. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    "You idiot i said that YOU consider the average length as big as an ants."

    No I don't, face it, your weak insult flopped.

    Oh really? name me ONE car that handles better than an F1 car with a 3.0 L engine, or ONE production car (with a large displacement engine) that handles better than the Lotus Elise 340-R or even the Lotus Elise, or the 2.5 litre Dauer 962 LeMans.

    Dude, I didn't think anything, you were just spouting big words, you were spouting bullshit, the point was, that you haven't done anything in a car with a big engine, while I've done things YOU are (apparently....now) incapable of, in a car with a small engine, which kind of renders your argument pointless. Personally, I've got nothing to prove, I don't give a shit how I stack up, it sounds like you're rather insecure, perhaps that's why you like cars with big displacement V8's, and I'm not going to get involved in this juvenile pissing contest. Because aside from it being absolutely pointless, and retarded, the only way we're going to "prove" each other wrong, is by taking pictures of our ginormous cocks and download the pics to this site, personally, I'd rather reserve the priviledge for the list of satisfied women I've left in my wake.

    Wow, how creative of you, I'm glad you at least didn't say 'go F*CK yourself' 'go *UCK yourself', or 'go FUC* yourself'. Because any of those instead would have truly hurt my feelings coming from one such as you.
  3. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    Dude you can't compare a multi-million dollar racing car to a production car. Whenever you try and defend small engines you always revert to F1. F1 has preety much stuff all to do with road cars.

    Ford Gt, Ferrari Enzo, Corvette Z06, Mclaren F1. Those cars have brilliant handling.

    So your comparing your driving abilities to me as i have no driving experience. Jeez man does it make you feel big. How does liking big engined cars make you insecure?? It's preety stupid to take a picture of ya cock to show everyone. A person who is good at something or has the best(example a big dick), doesn't need to brag or to show off. As long as he knows hes got the best, it's all that matters.

    When someone tells you to F*CK off it usually means to piss off to to get stuffed or go play with yourself. You should take that literally and don't let it get to yuor head.
  4. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    "Whenever you try and defend small engines you always revert to F1"

    That's because they're the best example out there, even V8's that are just as thoroughly developed can't compare to the powerband, look at the 8.0+ V8's used in NHRA top fuel drag cars. Developments made in F1 influence production cars.

    And the Dauer 962 LeMans blows them all away in handling, and the only one you mentioned that actually does have "brilliant" handling, is the Enzo, all the rest just have better-than-average handling.

    No, it doesn't make me feel big, you're pretty oblivious aren't you, the point was to negate what you said about people driving small engined cars not being able to handle a "real" car. Liking big engined cars is a sign of insecurity because it makes people feel like a "big man" to have a car with a lot of torque, that's agressive, instead of having a car of precision engineering, delicate balance, smaller engine, that is capable of running a fast time anywhere, with high speed driving.

    Yes, it would be pretty stupid to do that, but hey, a stupid resolution is the most practical for a stupid debate. And if he's got the "best" then he feels confident, and doesn't feel like he needs to prove to any man that he's the "best", meanwhile someone who's lacking in genetalial mass, WILL lack confidence and like he needs to prove something.

    No shit, and you should take your own advice. Rather than act the mule.
  5. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    Yes but u gotta remember F1's are V10's they are not 4's or 6's. The Duer Le Mans is a street legal racing car which you would find hard to classify as a Production car but anywayz.

    Yes the ENzo is the KIng bout what about The Mclaren F1. That car has brilliant handling and also the Porsche Carrera GT.

    How does having a big engine make you insecure. I't doesnt make sense. There are brilliant engineered big engined cars out there.

    It's stupid, a man shouldn't need to prove anything. Remember man, "It's not the size of it that counts, It's how you use it". From Austin Powers

  6. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    "Yes but u gotta remember F1's are V10's they are not 4's or 6's. The Duer Le Mans is a street legal racing car which you would find hard to classify as a Production car but anywayz." But it met all the legal requirements of a street legal car, and still kicked some serious ASS in LeMans.

    The McLaren has alright handling, but again, it's nothing special for supercars, what's good about it is its handling for its speed, the car is very managable for its speed.

    Ok, cars with a big engine are aggressive off the line, at low rpms, people are under the impression that lots of testosterone will make up for any inadequacies. Driving a car with a big engine makes people think they can beat everybody. A man doesn't feel like a "man" unless he knows he's better than others, buying a car (which anybody can do, while everybody is born with the weapon their crotch weilds) with a big engine, makes a man feel big, and gives him the impression that everybody thinks he is big. It's a common known fact.

    "It's stupid, a man shouldn't need to prove anything. Remember man, "It's not the size of it that counts, It's how you use it". From Austin Powers"

    It's sad but true, we live in a world where everybody thinks they should meet what society views as the ideal. Anyway, for women, girth is more important than length, the G-spot is only 2 inches in (on the top side of the canal), so unless a man is impossibly under-endowed, any man can reach it. So, yes, it's true, as long as he's skilled, then size really doesn't matter. But society seems to think it does, which leaves a lot of people feeling inadequate.
  7. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    I call that good handling and most would agree with me.

    Not everybody who drives a car with a big engine feels they can tak evrybody. Some people like the sound and the sheer speed of a big engine.
  8. Re: A joke (im not posting this cuz i dont like imports i just f

    Hey Fenix, nice joke <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    I really like these civics. People might complain on how gay they look but they are really nice when you see them IRL. It shouldnt be hard to find one either, lol. I just like that little sporty hatchback look.
  9. Re: A joke (im not posting this cuz i dont like imports i just f

    So untrue but funny
  10. Re:

    This thread makes me laugh. Keep up the good work.
  11. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    UH UH UH Ummmmmmm, So you f#ckin dumb ass is still preaching about the S2000 being faster than a Mustang GT? The S2000 is not faster.

    The Mustang GT : 0-60 in 5.6 sec and 1/4 mile in 14.1 sec.

    The Honda S2000: 0-60 in 5.8 sec and 1/4 mile in 14.2 sec.

    So, basicly the performance is paralell. But, the S2000 aint got shit on the SVT Cobra which does 0-60 in 4.8 sec and 1/4 mile in 13.0 sec.

    Now, why are you trying to compare the Pontiac Grand Prix with the S2000? Both cars are in totaly different classes.
    the Grand Prix is a sedan. The S2000 is not. Comparing it to a V-8 Pontiac GTO/Holden would have made a little more sence since both the S2000 and GTO/Holden are sports cars. Which in that case the S2000 still gets smoked because the GT0/Holden does 0-60 in 5.3 sec and a 1/4 mile in 13. sec.

    Why do you always got to compare two different cars from two different classes. You do that lame sh#t all the time. Quit being a f#ckin retard.
  12. Re: A joke (im not posting this cuz i dont like imports i just f

    Wow that is pretty good for a stock 1990 Civic si. Over 140 mph? I bet you car stalls out when you are on the highway traveling 70 mph and you try to shift into 5th. You have some really really tall gears. I thought your car was setup for rally racing. Then that 5th gear would be pretty useless.
  13. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    What a stupid post. I ride a pedal bike sometimes, does that mean I have a horse's penis? The more common understanding is not what people buy but how they drive shows a more probable insecurity. Then again, that does not apply to everyone. But your suggestion doesn't apply to anyone. Yet another pointless post by password. What about a girl who drives a mini cooper as oppose to one who drives a 65 Mustang? Does she have a bigger penis than the girl in the Mustang? What is her insecurity?

    Maybe people like different types of cars. Did you ever think of that?

    I actually think people who think their car (fast or not) is the center of existence have a problem. Or those who use their car (fast or not) as a vector for trying to get laid, they have a problem.
  14. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    i have never heard a better made argument on the behalf of the small engines. touché Password please. i drive a little four banger civic and like the Civic Type-R...what i think is funny is that, like Password please mentioned before, the smaller more economical engines are capable of putting out quite astonishing amounts of horsepower from such small engines; like the RSX type-R coming out....isnt that little four banger supposed to be putting out 300 horsies. and a car isnt just speed on a drag strip to skilled drivers... handling, appearance and general overall performance kinda weighs in too. Some of the most sweet rides i've ever seen havent had to be a HUGE honking gas guzzling engine to be a nice ride. sure a V8 can beat a four banger in drag race, ummmm but isnt that because theyre not even in the same engine class. the Civic Type-R looks sweet, a sweet looking, nice handling ride, and so what it comes with ONLY 200 hp i-Vtec....for a daily driver who likes to have fun that's more than enough power to play with in a light zippy car. not to mention the option to tune it if you want and adding the large list of aftermarket parts for it. that's what makes civic's so great, the fact that you can customize them and make them your own and do whatever you want....it's basically like a base model they give you, a blank canvas, and you can build your own car. the civic is pimp... the ladies like it and frankly that's allllll that matters
  15. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    You can tune any car. Every car can be modified. I love light zippy cars, but 4 cylinder Hondas are not the only cars that are light and zippy. And what ladies like a Honda Civic? Maybe a 14 year old girl who only likes the fact that it IS a car. I can't think of any ladies who think a Civic is pimp, even a new one, but especially NOT an old one. It's the "my first car and I have no credit" or the "my first car and my parents bought it for me" car. No one thinks it is pimp. If you spend $10000+ to make it look fast and be fast then maybe it would be pimp.

    Then again why do you think a Honda Civic is better or more pimp than a: Toyota Corolla, Mazda Protege, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Sentra, or even a Ford Focus (Oh no! Its American!) They are all basically the same: cost around the same, have about a 2 litre inline 4 cylinder engine, front wheel drive...

    They are all about the same and all economy cars. Stock economy cars = not pimp.
  16. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    Don't about the new one, but the old civic is easy to tune.
  17. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    They are all easy to tune. Those compact cars with 4 cylinder engines are probably the largest market for tuner parts right now. One can find tuner parts for all of those cars, easily. Maybe brand new models might be harder to find parts because they have not been made yet but 1 year or older models is easy to find parts for.
  18. Re: has anyone seen a better llimo?

    I used to live in Asia, and races are divided in to different classes, like 1500cc and below, 1600cc, 1800cc, etc. Most people choose the civic to race because of its engine. It makes quite a lot of power even though it's only 1600cc. Therefore, civics are popular. Tuners understand this and before long, there are so many aftermarket parts for civics.

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