All for the price of a pimped SLR

Discussion in '2007 SSC Ultimate Aero TT' started by limegut, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. good deal.

    Cars that are slower and more money: Veyron, Zonda F, McClaren F1, Reventon, your father's 1961 250 GT California that he loves more than you.
  2. I would take an 08 evo over this...
    you cockjuggling thunder#$%#.
  3. ill take this over an evo because an evo even with 2000 HP woulnt hit 250 to much of a block shape
  4. I much rather have a SLR.
  5. Well your right..........., about one thing and that's Marisa Miller is in fact amazing.

    But while your "owning" with that '08 Evo or the Caparo T1, I'll possibly be impressing the opposite sex with this. While I beat that Evo or the T1 of yours and the SLR, any day of the week. So what if its like a "Lamborghini Diablo kit car", or a cheap and crappier lookin' "Koenigsegg CC '(any model from the company).'" Well when ever I can eventually own and operate my own business, remind not to hire you, AT ALL!!!

    Apparently they and I know something you don't, C**k JUGGLING THUNDER C**T!!!!
  6. Sorry there...BUD, since when is an '08 Evo (ANYTHING), better than the Ultimate Aero TT?!? If anything a Brabus Tuned SLR, is just a poor attempt at getting people to buy a Brabus "pimped" form of the McLaren-Mercedes SLR. Sh*t, noffense to Evo VIII fans, but not even an AMS-modified Evo VIII is better than this, you c*ckjuggling thunderc*nt.
  7. WOULD pass up the keys too have this or having an opportunity to drive it for a day.......You know what I say........BULLS*IT, PAL!!! Simply for the mere fact you as MUCH as I would LOVE to drive this around town for a f*ckin' day! Its amazing to see how many people absolutely HATE this vehicle on this site.

    OH........I don't see ANY similarity to the God forsaken SLR what so ever, "dude." As a matter of fact to me your giving this vehicle a compliment, as well as the SLR. BUT still the SLR......DOESN'T belong in the Ultimate Aero TT's category in the first place, (which it belongs in the the Grand Touring category)!

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