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  1. This is directed toward Ford, GM and Dodge fans. Please take the time to read this, even though it's long...

    American performance cars have a long and proud history. While you're all trashing each other, jap-import fans are trash talking ALL OF US. You seldom see Nissan fans bashing Hondas or Toyotas, and visa versa. They don't know the joy of a pavement shredding V8 that roars like a beast from hell. They don't know the proud history we have created long ago. Mopar Hemi, Shelby Cobra, Yenko Camaro, GT40, the JUDGE, Corvette L88! Countless cars like these make me proud to be American. I don't mind so much if people LIVING in other countries don't appreciate our cars. What I have a BIG problem with is American kids being brainwashed into disliking American cars. Two nights ago some kid asked me about my beater car (a Mitsubishi Lancer OZ). He was actually impressed and asked me about performance mods! I ended up in a conversation with him about japanese cars (for race) vs American cars. He asked me what I suggested, and I gave him some (domestic) ideas in his price range. In the end he admited that domestics aren't "cool" with his friends, and he'll probably buy a Civic and modify it. He didn't say anything bad about Mustangs or Camaros. I even suggested the SVT Focus (since FWD I4 compacts seemed to be his style). Still, no can do. It had to be Japanese to be COOL. Nevermind the fact that not ONE single Honda can beat the SVT Focus without paying a lot more. The jap-import craze is without logic. It's all about being IN with the import crew.

    Now here's the point to my story (finally). Any reasonable person can see there are strong points to all of the American (big three) car makers. Stop bashing each other and helping the r1ce burners. This only diminishes our proud history, and it diminishes our present/future accomplishments. If you're a Chevy fan and some sushi burner trash talks the Mustang, put him in his place. If you're a Ford fan and someone bashes the Viper... well, you get the idea.

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    Yeah but my point is this...
    R!CE boys mean nothing to me so much that I don't pay attention to them cuz their cars are SLOW! Mustangs are faster so I'll race them instead! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Wow, you hit it right on the head. Its not because imports are faster, or better overall, its because its a fad for young kids.
    This same thing happened to me at work about 3 months ago. A guy I work with was looking to get a ragtop, he wanted something good looking, some performance, and not to much money. I gave him some ideals, mustang, camaro, firebird, etc...Well he said he really liked the looks of the mustang, and the firebird, but wanted something alittle cheaper, so I told him to get the v-6 models, all are around 200hp, with nice amounts of torque, and all pretty cheap. Well, he then told me that he wanted an import, and even though his knowledge about cars only goes as far as they have 4 wheels and an engine, he told me they were just more reliable. He went out and bought a 2003 eclipse gts, for $31,000. Alot more than the v-6 domestic cars that I told him about, and more money than the base model v-8 domestics, and just a tad less than the high end model domestics (svt cobra, ss, ws6). And what about all the reliablity that imports have, well he's had the car back to the dealer twice already, once for the triptronic auto not working (semi-manual automatic), and once for some body panels clips breaking and not holding very well. And the really bad thing, he likes the look of the mustangs better, and would probably be happier with one!
    I just can't stand it! Go out and buy an import if you like them, I like them too, but why buy it only for the reason of it being an import?!? Its like a fad, with 80% of import owners buying them only for them being imports, they love the 117hp civic, but cant stand the 130hp caviler? They love the 150hp prelude, but can't stomach the 150hp neon?!?
    I don't care if the person is driving a camaro, impala, focus, long as its tasteful, they get a thumbs up from me. If some kid with a sushi mobile talks shit about a camaro, or firebird, or viper, or vette, they get an earfull from me. I might love the stnags, but I have a deep love and respect for all things American. Hence my name.
    "The jap-import craze is without logic. It's all about being IN with the import crew."
    That is so, so true.
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    o ya man... u can't be more right. you can blame this shit on movies like "fast and furious" with all their glorifying nip cars an engins LOL ... spoon engine hahaha ... i've never herd anything dumber

    haha ... good point with the civic and the caviler ... i bet if u lined the 2 of em' up infronta any school in america and asked every kid who would win ??? 90 % of the little posers would pick civic simply because they don't know shit bout cars.
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    Last week I had to turn my SS to get the clear coat reapplied. Still under warranty. Anyway they stuck me with a POS Sunfire! I was so embarrassed and missed my SS so much I said **** it! The alternator is bad in my IROC but I took the chance and drove that to work for the time being. But then my buddy and I took that POS Sunfire and ragged the shit out of it! It won't even get Ragged out it sucks so bad! Those things have the biggest Fucking Glove compartments! You could fit an infant in those God Damned things! I Hate Cavaliers and Sunfires! Maybe I should change my name to that! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Well, I just think you should change your name period. It's bashing an American icon, and this is coming from a Corvette owner. I personally don't care for the 4.6 liter GT, but Ford has made a TON of outstanding Mustangs over the years. The Ford Mustang was the first pony car, which paved the way for the Camaro. It was the success of the Ford Mustang that spawned the Chevy Camaro. You HAVE to appreciate that.

    Ford, GM and Dodge have all made some legendary cars. Even Chevy fans have to be impressed with the old Boss Mustangs and the new Cobras. Also, Ford fans have to respect the old Yenko Camaros and new F-bodies. Those are only a few of many examples. Both Ford and Chevy fans have to appreciate old Mopars and the new Vipers. If you don't appreciate them, you're biassed. Sorry but that's just how I feel.

    The fact is American cars have a lot more legs to stand on. The problem is we tend to be loyal to only ONE American car makers. If everyone stands together, perhaps we can educate some of the ignorant import fans.
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    If the guy wh owanted the Civic wanted it for 1/4 mile racing, then yes, he isn'tv ery smart. But if he wanted an autocrosser (unlikely from the description) he would be better off with the Civic. The civic has a stiffer chassis, better for auot-x than Mustangs and Camaros. But of course, form what you said, he probably wanted a car that is fast in a straight line, where the F-Body or Mustang would have been the bettrer choice.
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    Actually, I suggested the SVT Focus, which KILLS the Civic Si in handling.
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    i am not american, but i do see the problem sometimes also. one of my friends is planning to buy a new suv, and he is thinking about towing camper also. i told him you want probably domestic, since they are the only ones with v8 in his price range, but (no offence to chevy fans) he has right now a 95 chev deisel truck sweet truck but he has spent 10g in repairs on it in one year he has owned it and still has to spend another 7grand on engine repair, beyond the point which i think he got ripped off.
    but that has put him off so much from domestic that when i said look in to the explorer since it has the best tow in its class he said i don't know i just tired off worring about repairs. i told him look if you are going to be towing you will be paying more on the imports since they are trying to get more power from smaller engines and can't handle your load, ahh well hopefully i changed his mind enough to go look at the other SUV again. he is a smart man but just not very well ejucated in cars yet thats why he asked for help and i gave what i could.
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    Yes, the svt focus, a damm fine small fwd. When tested on tracks against imports with more hp and torque, it still had the best track times by far, and for only $18,000. It takes an exspensive import to beat the svt focus. And on a side note, chris v showed this in anouther thread, its a bolt on kit that will convert the focus to rwd, and to be able to handle a 302 v-8...!
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    The explaination is simple. Mustang don't like camaros, and camaros dont like mustangs right? Some people will be very ignorant to say they dont like the other. The simple truth is, we all love American cars. The only reason anyone fights is because we have no CHALLENGE from Japan, and dont get me started on europe. It took Japan 10 years to compete with my 90 5.0 GT. Thats sad, although it may not be as fast as the cars today, 5.0's Gran Nationals, IROC-z, and Trans Ams ruled the 80's and early 90's. We just dont have competition from Japan. All the jap crap fans are ignorant enough to say "yeah well, if you invest 50,000 dollars in a civic and do this and that, it can beat your car." Its all BS.
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    Hey man you see me here forever, you know I don't bash the Stang. I'm keeping my name because it sets me apart. All the usual Stang guys here know that I appreciate them and you should too if you've seen the posts I've made in the past.
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    I hate all the people who come into the Viper forums and start topics like this. "Vipers suck, Lamborghinis are much better" or "a Ferrari F50 would kill this thing" or even "Vipers are slow and overpriced" when they have a name like Ferrarilover. let's compare


    Dodge Viper: $72,225
    Chevy Corvette: $50,000


    Ferrari F60: $650,000
    Lamborghini Murcielago: $280,000
    Aston Martin Vanquish: $225,000



    Dodge Viper: 0-60 in 4.1 seconds
    Chevy Corvette: 0-60 in 3.9-4.8 seconds


    Ferrari F60: 0-60 in (est) 3.5 seconds
    Lamborghini Murcielago: 0-60 in 3.9 seconds
    Aston Martin Vanquish: 0-60 in 4.5 seconds


    Pick one!
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    Man... touching... beautiful, I havn;t cried like that since Eleannor got trashed in Gone in 60 Seconds.

    For real, I truly beleive what you're saying, My best friend has a 69 Camaro SS/RS and I would defend his car down to my last breath against any R1CE rocketeer. He would do likewise for my Mach 1. It just isnt important whether we can beat each other - lol - History lesson - Remember Rome, they began to sqaubble amongst themselves and was eventually destroyed by the 'barbarians' lol, ok ok you know what I mean.

    The othrer day I was walking down the road with a couple of my friends, and this dude drove by in a 67 Corvette Convertible, I gave him the thumbs up and he gave a little wave, then a guy drove by in a 1998 Cobra (I think it was souped), I gave him the thumbs up and he waved. Then I saw this Honduh drive up next to me and i ignored him. he drove by and yelled at me while giving me the finger. Asshole..
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    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!...........AND IT'S CARS!!
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    I agree with most of you, stangs, vetts, and camaros do rule, they are on my fav. car lists, they are good. BUT, they are not the best. My friend drives a 91 Toyota Supra Turbo, and it hands down, smokes all domestic cars, and basically any car on the road in a race. It's only about 220 bhp, but with the turbo charger in it, it boogy's! Also the fact that he only paid 5 g's (canadian $) for it (used) and it is in mint condition blows away any other expensive V8 monster. Only about 1/10 cars that he challenges to race actually accept the challenge, and they always loose. He has raced a few stangs and camaros and blown them away. Also euro cars, he has raced quite a few bmw's and smokes them as well. I dont think he has raced a vette yet, but i think that would be a good challenge. I'm not bashing american cars, they are nice cars, I would love to own one, the loud growling engine and all, but they are not the best cars on the road. so don't be so ignorant.
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    Even though his name has alot to be desired (lol im just joking - we are all entitled to our own opinions) I have to agree with Rust... the guy above this post. The Supra is a nice car, but I doubt it could beat any of these domestics unless you pour a lot of money into it. I could probably take it In my Saleen, but I dont race it and right now it's kind olf cold here in Canada (kind of).
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    A question, if someone offered you a car. A Z06 and an Enzo, which one would you take? Honestly now!

    The feeling of sitting in a handbuilt car is truly special, something you cannot feel in a massproduced vehicle such as a Corvette.

    To compare an Aston is not fair, it's more of a GT. Take another great British car, say a TVR Cerbera 4,5. Virtually the same (if not cheaper) price as the Corvette, still faster.

    The ultimate bang for bucks is the Tiger Z100 WR. Dead cheap (well, relativly speaking!), and it outaccelerates a McLaren F1!.
    0 - 60 in 2.8 and 0 - 100 in 6.8. 0 - 402 m, not sure but I would say around 9 s.

    Pick one!
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    do they even sell those cars in america?
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    Gurra, are you an american? (Im not trying to be a smart ass either, just a question)
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    my 02 sable beated a 91 supra, darn it, it beated a boxster (no, not the new one, of the old ones, 97 or 98 i believed) also
    205hp stock, been upgraded to 225hp with dual exhaust and performance mufflers.
    who knows where it'll go with a supercharger.

    i just kept on being asked what car is it.
    i tell them it's a sable, they just keep on staring at the car, in disbelief.
    people just dont knwo what ford is doing behind many people's mind, and in "stealth" performance.
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    What colous is your 69' Mach?
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    First of all, the Enzo is only THIRTEEN TIMES the price of the Z06.

    Second of all, good luck getting that TVR to last

    Third of all, good luck buying that TVR in the US

    Fourth of all, the Tiger Z100 is a KIT CAR out of England
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    Too late to be proud of being American.You have stupid Bush who doesn't know nothing and also you are LOSERS your cars are soooo slow they need a big V8 engine with only little hp to moove by the way the twin towers have gone for ever.............hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha.All of you are so Vlachs!My condolences of you being american!

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