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    a www....ur british nobel got killed by a z06 in willow springs dumbass....ofcourse u didnt know that cuz ur head is way up ur ass
  2. 550 horses and it wipped a lambos @ss at the n-ring but no we ccant build anything [email protected]

  3. I just had to register to chime in here. If Americans cannot build cars as well as the europeans no matter what (as The Stig would have us all believe) then why is it that none of the european competitors in LeMans GT1 (formerly GTS)can begin to compete with the C6-R's? The Corvettes have been penalized for the 2006 season to allow the Aston Martins to possibly be able to compete with the far superior American racers. The Aston's were allowed modifications which reportedly gained them about 25 horses and the Corvette's were penalized with extra weight. And as we all saw this past weekend at Sebring it did not matter as the Astons still could not repeat their win from last year at sebring (the only race where Aston took a win). We all saw how successful ferrari was in GTS against the C6-R's (sarcasm). Please don't take this the wrong way. The F430 and Vanquish are two of my favorite cars in the world, but let's not pretend that an American car can't hang just because it is American.
  4. LMFAO! I hope this is a joke...
  5. Did you read it?
  6. Shit, I cant read very well when drunk...
  7. wait wats goin on here
  8. dont pass comment then
  9. I wanna say don't run off at the mouth about "American Engineers" and what car is "better." If I had to choose I would buy a Corvette Z06 I havce loved them for years. But I also know that other cars are just as good in many aspects. I have a degree in Aerospace engineering and I am certain that American Engineers are quite competent. You also showed your stupidity when you made the comment about the magazine. Just one more note when you have Rolls Royce Sending you letters requesting you to be an engineer we can argue which country has better engineers.
  10. they do that for racing purposes to make the races exciting. If one team just dominates that hard it gets boring and everyone loses. They do it to keep it exciting.

    and the z06 is a plenty good car. not the most refined, but still horribly fast.
  11. I am American Engineer, and I am a firm believer in American engineering. I'll take the Ford GT, Saleen S7, Corvette, and Viper over any import Piece of Shit.
  12. import =/= piece of shit

    piece of shit =/= piece of shit
  13. "I am American Engineer, and I am a firm believer in American engineering. I'll take the Ford GT, Saleen S7, Corvette, and Viper over any import Piece of Shit."

    "import =/= piece of shit

    piece of shit =/= piece of shit"

    Hooray! Yea, couldn't have said it better. Burn all the imports! All hail to V8! The US is the only place where I've had heard people speaking of "imports".
    Maybe it's so because the US has such a magnificent car industry going trough its golden era. Please continue to manufacture such excellent cars and you won't have to be afraid of anything. All hail GM! All hail Ford!
  14. Well you should know that the company backing of the C6R is huge compared to the other cars such as Aston and Ferrari.

    The DB9 are ran by pro-drive, and the Ferrari's are a mix of owners with some help from Ferrari but they really only care about F1.

    just my .02
  15. Uhm, Pro-Driver isn't small peanuts. Look at their ralleye efforts.
  16. Exactly my point they are putting money elsewhere at the same time. The effort of GM is pretty much most of there $$$ and concentration.
  17. You do know that the Ford GT and even S7 use a shitlaod of European parts, you stupid dipshit?
  18. Now uv started readin dis dunt stop. This is so scary. Send dis to 5 ova threads in 143 minutes. When ur done press F6 and ur crushes name will appear on the screen in big letters. This is scary cause it actually works. If u break the chain u will have problems with relations p.s for the next five years x-x-x
  19. woooooowwwwww, you fricken retarded americans, you think this is a good car, ya its ok on the track, but its fantastically horrible in every other aspect. the zr1 is good and obviously good value for money, but its so cheap because its built down to a price, what would you rather have, something made to be as good as it can be regardless of price, or something that was built down to a price. european cars will allways be way ahead of american cars.

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