ancestors of F1??

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  1. I think this car is still very good....but then we can see how much street/domestic cars have improved today...any super-car can easily pump more than 400hp and boast better handling than any cars even the F1 in those times....can you imagine given the same progress....we'll be driving cars that rev up to 17,000 rpm producing 800+hp NA on the streets by 2062??....
    by the way...these are stats of a Honda F1 engine.....we're having the F1 engine of the 1930s....thank you very much!!!
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    I doubt we'll still be using gasoline in 60 years, and even so we won't be driving 800 hp screamers. It's a nice dream, but automakers aren't stupid enough to mass produce cars that would go 230 mph; they like their customers to survive long enough to buy another car.
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    Thats true, and if the compagny would make lots of their supercars that also means cheaper price. So basicly they wouldnt be so exotic and unique anymore. And this car is pretty damn nice for a late 30s car!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    why even talk about hondas f1 engine they lost cause it sucked
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    WOW! I imagine me driving in my normal car at 230mph in 2062! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    and school zones would be 75mph.

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