Another R35 turnoff

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by 944turb0, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. h8rs
  2. That doesn't bother me
  3. if you were the only gay person on this site, id say "because you're a #%$!LOLOLOL" or something.
  4. omg! I frikin kidding,lol. I know ALL CARS ARE GETTING BIGGER. the civic is the size of the older accord, the 599 is much larger than the 575, and the Mini is not very mini anymore.
  5. You're the one who said it was because of the americans. Is the clio even sold there?
  6. Actually, you've got me thinking, with Veyronman gone, who are the regularly posting homos left? I think I might be the only one. None of the Porsche boys post much.
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  8. Fump is a flamming homo
  9. Ah yes, Fump
  10. 1 - thats a turn ON
    2 - The R34 isnt exactly big at all....
  11. also, grande punto means big punto
    grande=big in italian
  12. I know because in my language grande also means big.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  13. I've seen the new gt-r in person right when they first showed it in tokyo. I didn't think it was particularly big though. As someone pointed out earlier the R34 is a smallish car in American standards, so when the car finally enters the us market, few should complain about it being dwarfed by suvs. If you haven't seen the gt-r yet think 350Z/G37 size and you aren't far off.

    The mac-merc SLR, now thats a HUUUUGE car. It actually reminds me of sitting in the driver's seat of our 5 series when i was in elementary school. The waistline is literally chin high. It needs those parking sensors up front as well since you don't see where the nose ends. bloody hell.
  14. Reichs
  15. Why?
  16. Who cares what it's size is, at long it performs. Also this way we have usable rear seats and a bigger boot.
  17. it will probably outperform it on a track anyway

    will everyone stop #%[email protected] about the size of the car? its obviously wide for a reason, and its roofline is high up for ease of use.
  18. Im sorry to those who think the r34 isnt big. It is (maybe you americans are just used to large cars). Its just that the r35 is massive. I remember when everyone #%[email protected] about the r33 being massive compared to the r32, and the 34 is even bigger than that (though you would think that the 33 is larger just by looking at it). But as long as the 35 has the goods thats whats most important. Anyway Ill stop #%[email protected] about the lard ass r35...
  19. I could less if its heavier or slower than a 997. GT-R looks more agressive.
  20. The R34 looks far bigger in pictures than it actually is. It really isn't that big of a car.
  21. It doesnt look that great in person. Especially from the side and rear. I was underwhelmed. GT3 looks much better.
  22. its a huge porker of a car and should be ridiculed, just like fat people

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