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  1. You ok? Naturally, when you haven't heard from someone in a bad state in a while, you start to fear the worst...
  2. Just thinking this last night. Hope he's ok
  3. update required? some ppl prolly can stalk his Facebook or something
  4. I don't have the Facebooks so if someone could that'd be nice
  5. How old was he?

  6. IS he, he's not dead.
    cmon guys
  7. this nigaa dead
  8. This is pretty sad to think about. Hope he's still alright.
  9. How would you know?
  10. hello anyone?
  11. ugh cmon, yeah
  12. Does anyone have him on FB?
  13. hes still alive

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  14. i don't think anyone knows his real name. i think he lives somewhere within an hour of me but that doesn't help

    he's probably just away from the board for a little bit
  15. He'll be back. He just left to buy milk.
  16. i wish him a quick recovery
  17. i wish him a quick recovery
  18. AMGrulz probably has his real name. Didn't he send money to help him out?
  19. I did also

    can't find him on FB don't know what he exactly looks like
  20. I have the name connected to his PayPal. No hits on facebook.
  21. Anyone hear anything?
  22. Why would someone who is scared of the gubbermint and hoarded gold and ammo be on facebook?
  23. He's 1supra1'ing with gemballa now.
  24. That's not me you jackass haha. But I did get a good laugh out of it.

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