Any huge CS nerds?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by theHonk, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. You're an idiot.
  2. I didn't get a chance to say this in the other thread, but he isn't a bad photographer.

    I won't comment on anything else, but Walperstyle's pic of that car surrounded by corn with the mountains in the background was AMAZING.
  3. Counterstrike blows, period. Play Aliens vs Predator 2, best multiplayer FPS ever.
  4. I fired up CS yesterday. The mic was spammed with the words "#%$" Gay" "hacker" at least 100 times a minute.
  5. Is there such a thing as a direct connect in Counter Strike? Like if I just wanted to battle my buddy and a few bots? Basically i'm trying to avoid Steam and it's system hogging annoyances.
  6. When you are playing CS press F10, it makes your fps at least 3-5 times better.
  7. im a CS nerd. cal-p. only been playin 7 months too. my cs:source got all #$%#ed up and now source doesnt work.
  8. Yeah, i hate steam too. That's why i gave up on CS
  9. Does HL2 have multiplayer? If so, any good?
  10. it's coutnerstrike.
  11. The same version released like three years ago?
  12. quit asking me questions, i don't know.
  13. You and your buddy can get a older version of CS and probably play it without Steam.
  14. Yes, its called HL2 Deathmatch
  15. Can anyone help me with problem:

    Shit!... I am getting this error:

    The Instruction at 0x####### referenced memory at 0x#######. The memory could not be 'read'
    with the title, "Counter strike source: application error in hl2.exe"

    And suposedly there is no fix for it? WTF!

    Can anyone help?

  16. I think his copy is Half Life with a Counter Strike mod. He bought it as some sort of multi game pack. Mine is Condition Zero.
  17. It's the same thing. As long as you both have some older verison, it should work.
  18. Counter Strike: Source is the game that comes with Half Life 2. Awesome game.
  19. WHAT? #$%# you're stupid.

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