Are there any cars that can beat this?

Discussion in '2007 SSC Ultimate Aero TT' started by saleen88, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Are there any cars that can beat the SSC Ultimate Aero TT?
  2. probably, because of that we dont know if its true that it will make it to 273, and it might be a difference on the blacktop. with a driver inside, and the wind and of course the track that they're driving on. and if we say any car, i guess that there is a lot of street legal cars that people have tuned themselves and will smoke this, at least in acceleration. i know a BMW M5 with 1000 hp that makes 1/4 mile faster than this. 8.82 if i remember correctly, or something like that. and this is very fast 0-60, but for instance, the koenigsegg ccx is as fast at the 1/4 mile as this... so probably, there is a bunsh of cars that would beat this...
  3. Let me change that to any "production cars".
  4. in acceleration yes the veyron odoes and there a nissan skyline with over 1300 bhp that can do mid 7 second quters and a vauxal wit around 1500 bhp that can do 0-60 in 1 second
  5. How come you say the veyron is faster in acceleration? Motor Trend tested a Veyron, and in the magazine it said the veyron did the 1/4 mile in 10.4 seconds, thats 0.5 seconds slower than the SSC Ultimate Aero TT is supposed to do it in.
  6. well the ultimate aero definetly wont be as sophisticated as a Veyron, or a CCX. And with a 6.3 liter V8 the twin turbos would have to be huge to develop 1180 Hp, so im guessing turbo lag may be a problem for the Aero too. But i think a Veyron or CCX would struggle to keep up with it.
  7. i dont know if there is that much turbolag at all, for instance, it does 0-60 in 2.8 sec, or something. and an engine that large makes so much exhaustgasses so if there would be any turbolag, it would end pretty quickly... am i right?
  8. ok, not really... it does 0-60 in 2.78 sec... am i right now???
  9. Yes. This car is a piece of shit.
  10. LOL OMG n00b! How can you believe that a 1500 hp car can do 0-60 in 1 sec?! No car can even acheive the 1.67 secs Brabus has claimed for the TKR! Once you reach 1000hp or higher, hp doesn't really effect 0-60 times all that much. Times as low as 1 sec are impossible because of wheelspin. No street legal tire in the world can overcome 1500 hp of wheelspin in time to acheive 1 sec 0-60 runs. In fact, a 1500 hp car would have a harder time than an 800 hp car b/c the wheelspin would be so much worse that by the time the car hooked up, the 800hp car would be half way there already! The best way to achieve unbelievable sub 2 sec 0-60 times (which has never been done by a street-legal production car) is lower weight, not higher hp.
  11. hmmm... thought I heard about this street legal car that could do 60 in 1 sec... frek, saw it on YouTube. But yeah, that car is ghetto, and a waste of gas.

    As for this car, its awesome. Some nice performance figures to brag about. I don't like the Veyron cause its way too expensive to run and its excess weight decreases its potential.
  12. yes as it is supposed to do, just because a company claimes something does not mean it will hit that number, those are just estimations.

    look at the CCX for an example, the factory said 3,2s to 62mph.. the fastest test i've seen was 3,8s i think, that is because the lack of grip.

    with racing slicks, many cars would be doing 3s flat to 62mph, and maybe even faster than that.
  13. This car is super fast!
  14. Hey asshole, stop trolling.
  15. Top fuel dragsters do 0-60 in about .5 secs depending on track condition.
  16. Dumbass! Top fuel dragsters do the 1/4 mile in about 5 sec, and then they've already reached well beyond 400 km/h!!! 0-60 in 5 sec is slow! my dads audi would beat that! anyone know who dahlbäck is???
  17. *haha, jag är också från sverige!*
  18. SOX: You make me laugh, doggin on people ova the intanet, your a joke.
  19. You do see the period infront of the 5 right? 5.0 isn't the same as 0.5. SIGH
  20. Has anyone ever seen markotarma make an intelligent post?
  21. Maybe off the subject but in terms of aestetics? Ummm, just about every supercar out there. The overall form is a Diablo rip but the surfacing looks like it was done by a 5 year old with play-doh. The hood is CONCAVE. It looks like a a 500 pound woman sat on it. Oh and the headlights are straight off a Ford Focus. I don't mean they copied the design, I mean they actually took the headlights off a Focus and put them on this car. Then tried to design the front end around them to save money. Look at the body surface right around the headlight and you can see how bulbous and weird the transition is since the headlights were designed for a completely different front end.

    And in terms of performance, this car is still dreaming. I have yet to hear any OFFICIAL numbers. If the predictions are confirmed, then its very formidible, but still ugly as hell.

    Another case of rich people hiring engineers to design a supercar. Engineers are not designers and vice versa.
  22. Actually, you're wrong. It's a case of a company that built Diablo kit car replicas in the 90s changing its name, and building, guess what, a car that looks like a Diablo with its built up capital. Designwise, this is a vehicle that is a slightly modified steel space frame from one of the Diablo replicas, modified suspension, carbon fiber bodying, and a Twin Turbo chevy small block V8, built with the idea of as big profit as possible. Which means making build cost as little as possible.
  23. You guys are getting off the subject, the question is if there are any production cars that are faster than this.
  24. This isn't a production car yet.
  25. I never said this was a production car.

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