Artwork by Michiel van den Brink

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  1. Step 5:

    Again some more details with crayon and gelpen.
  2. Step 5:

    Again some more details with crayon and gelpen.
  3. Step 6:

    The wheels allways are the hardest part to do.
    If they go wrong, it spoils the whole drawing....

    Now both headlights are finished, the car really comes alive.
  4. Step 6:

    The wheels allways are the hardest part to do.
    If they go wrong, it spoils the whole drawing....

    Now both headlights are finished, the car really comes alive.
  5. Step 7:

    All the wheels are finished now, aswell as the details on the side of the car.
    Notice the reflection of the rearwheel in the side!
    Adding highlights and shade to details with gelpen and pencil is the nicest thing to do, because it brings the car more and more to life.

    To prefent the car from floating in an empty environment I add light and shade to the floor on which the car is standing.
    The floor is still rough pastel, but will be smudged with a piece of tissuepaper into a smoother surface.

    I don't like using a background, because it takes away the attention from the car.
    Making small mistakes while drawing any background can spoil the whole picture, even if nobody will notice... I can get very sad if tiny things go wrong...

    When I draw a nice car I start to fall in love with the subject and forget everything around it.
    It's like seeing a beautiful woman for the first time.
    Everything around her fades away.
    Looking at the background can easily spoil my dream.

    In this case it's all about this lovely T43!
  6. Step 8:

    The pastel stains around the car are erased, the light on the floor is smooth and all the details are reviewed.
    The picture has been put in a 60x80cm aluminum frame with a black passepartout with a white core.

    Here is the final product!
  7. holy crap that is insane!
  8. whoa, thats really really good. e-props.
  9. I really enjoyed watching/reading it.
    It's a beautifull piece of art you made there.

    How long did it take you to do this project?
  10. Impressive work as usual!
  11. Maybe Ferrari should do the same!
  12. Can't tell exactly.

    All the little bits of time were spread over a few days.
    I allways work on several cars at the same time.
    I can make two or three pieces a week when I work fulltime on them.
  13. Here are three new black and white drawings.

    It takes me about one afternoon to draw one of those.
  14. sad that Citroens of today lost the quirky charm
  15. Sad indeed, but the C6 is a very nice car and a TRUE Citro´┐Żn again!
  16. Some new designs.

    I'm working on a new Dino.
  17. Some more....
  18. Very nice. But out of all of them, the last one (in the second Dino post) is the nicest.
  19. Very good execution, but IMO not in your other work's level. My honest opinion is that it needs more Ferrari and less future <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  20. Interesting opinion.
    But what do you mean with "more Ferrari"?
    What is in your opinion very typical Ferrari that should be preserved in the future?
  21. I like the 599 GTO, Ferrari should really make that. Looks so much better than the boring 599 GTB.
  22. Well, in your first Ferrari post, the very first car resembles greatly the 250 GTO due not only to its particular shape, but also because of some GTO imported details that immediately gave away your inspiration and its purprose to be a spiritual successor to the 250. However, I can't manage to find this in your late Dino work. Looks like as if it's something completely new ( which isn't bad obviouly ), and I personally think you could have further explored some delicious details of the car such as the round headlights, the reduced front grill, the profile ( which curiously can be seen on your second Dino try ), and the front air intakes. What I found fabulous on your very first Ferraris was the subtlety of how you used the classic ferrai details to create a vision of ferrari's future <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  23. So you think going a bit retro is allright?
    Who else has an opinion on future Ferrari's?

    Retro? (as a protest to the styling of today)
    Or futuristic and cutting edge high tech?
  24. Well, being more connected to design than myself you must know better than me, but I think that's one of the late tendencies right? And I definetely love your first executions, for the way you grabbed the classy details.
  25. I know retro is a tendency, but I take opinions from all carlovers very serious.

    Offcourse I have my own thoughts about what direction Ferrari should go to, but I love to know more about yours and all the other visitors.
    You don't have to be a designer to have your own thoughts about this matter.
    Please tell me more about your ideas, dreams and wishes for Ferrari's future.

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