Asian Girls

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ging, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. I can honestly say I am a virgin for asian pussy. But Ive had probably over 15 happy ending massages from asains alone.
  2. that is just crass b
  3. just go to backpage. they got all the hoes.
  4. Why do some people wish they were virgins again? #$%# that
  5. lol
  6. Something something flashlight
  7. What
  8. he said something something flashlight
  9. Why
  10. everyone
    i meant to write fleshlight
  11. oh NOW i get it!
  12. ban him
    mistakes like this are intolerable and bring this board to its knees
  13. yeah can we get a mod in here
  14. the lack of moderation on these twerps is disgusting
    can i get some admin details
  15. four names
    who does he think he is
  16. he also has 4 moderator friends i see now
    no wonder he never gets banned
  17. lol hes facebook friends with people on the internet
    what a huge dork
  18. ha ha internet friends
  19. wait a second *canned laughter tape*
  20. oh
  21. I love this whole page of posts. genuinely entertained

    EDIT: Page 4, that is
  22. I tried to be your facebook friend

    the request was denied :[
  23. Were you able to beat her father in StarCraft II?
  24. hahah

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