ATI X200 Intergrated graphics.......

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DeanO, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. If I buy a PC with the ATI intergration, does that meen I must use ATI upgrades and cant use gForce?

    I would prefer being able to use gForce...
  2. make sure the computer you buy has an agp or pci-e port, and you'll be fine. though if you want to get the latest and greatest nvidia cards, you'll need pcie
  3. you have to see inside if your computer has an AGP or PCI-E slot so you can put a Nvidia card in there.

  4. That is a top of the line graphics card, you wont need to upgrade for at least 5 years. It can run all games maxed at 1920*1200 if need be.
  5. yeah i get 40087857 fps in FEAR with my x200. i dont see why everyone is raving about all these new cards. psshh

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