Australian Turbo RX-8

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  1. ok this isn't my point look at all the best drift cars they dont have amazing torque
  2. my admittedly limited knowledge of drifting (i always thought that driving in a straight line was the way to drive...silly me *SARCASM*) i thought drifting required speed into the corner first, which contributes to the drift.
    And if torque is not needed by drifters, why do they soup up their cars. the setup for drifting has a stiff rear doesent it (drifters provide input, except you doyle). So that means that "Low torque" is avoided by drifters.
    At first i thought that by "Low Torque" you meant torque in low revs, but after you posted again, it became clear.
    doyle, you are wrong, admit it, and shut up.
  3. look need low end power not top end speed torque isn't that important
  4. um, could you provide a jibberish interpretor.
  5. drifters need low end power not top end speed, torque isn't that important
  6. you are a complete moron. look at a dyno chart, "Power" (ie Horspower/kW) usually comes at higher revs.
    Torque comes at low revs.
    Seeing drifting, don't they maintain high revs while drifting, whats the use of torque travelling sideways.
    By the way, originally i was talking about wheelspin, not drifting.
  7. originally i was talking about drifting. i just dont care any more
  8. OMG you are the biggest most stupid person on these forums ever. go home to mummy before i throw up on your face.
  9. wow what a great comeback. im sure you put so much thought and effort into writing that. you even spelled it right!
  10. again idiot
  11. two words! wow! your getting better. soon you'll be able to write a whole sentence without any spelling mistakes!
  12. go fall down a set of stairs you f.u.c.k.i.n.g. moron
  13. oops, theres a spelling mistake. there shouldnt be any "."s there.

    dont worry, everything takes time. maybe one day you might write a paragraph that makes sense.
  14. omg, where the #$%# are idiots like you coming from
  15. look at the drift seen and you will understand
  16. scene.

    perhaps i have been looking at the wrong drift scene.
  17. Hes thinking of the ae86/vl commodore drift scene, they mostly dift into gutters and other immovable objects.
  18. f%&$k me dead! your a mother f%&$king idiot doyle. i never met anyone as dumb as you
  19. doyle, you are by far, the stupidest, most incomprehensible person i have ever truly are a complete dickhead
  20. omg, u so stuped, u need low hp and high rpm to driftzzfd#[email protected]!

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