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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by nishav, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. oh shutup already dont tell me your horse is so high that you wouldn't throat#$%# one of these sluts who wants to take it
  2. Look at your damn poor spelling and grammar as well as your failed logic.Your English is shit as much as your persona and character, they are both uppercrap. And you #$%#ing dare to pretend that your are so much better than the others? Intelligent members clearly ascertained that you are a #$%#ing thick idiot and a sore loser. You always started to insult me or attacking me without any valid reason but just in order to flatter yourself, you reap what you sowed.
    I am not frightened to kill someone for my self defense and when it comes to defend my relatives, my friends and my property.In general, people who are ruthless and vengeful have less chance to be robbed or attacked than people who aren't.
  3. He doesn't know to acknowledge it. But deep inside his wild dreams, I am pretty sure he is fantasizing to tit#$%#, before analriding and throat#$%#ing one of these sluts.
  4. youre right
    i want slammies in the worst way
  5. So many great arguments in this thread.
  6. I'm bummed. Need sleep. Will argue with you some more tomorrow. Good night sweet prince
  7. I can't wait to see the day when Hemistage rips off burner's head.
  8. these guys are so worried about their e-sex lives lol. you must be gay if you'd rather argue than just enjoy babe thread.
  9. hahahahahhaha classiiccc
  10. We decided that arguments are tits. So I was complimenting the boobs. I don't even read Burner's posts, he's retarded.

    Also, thread needs some Susan Coffey, looking at you Tipo.
  11. +1
  12. stay insanely cruel
  14. Yes, clearly the fact that you quoted a post of mine with zero spelling mistakes, yet critised my spelling and grammar do prove that I am 'uppercrap.' I am sorry for scaring you mon petit poulet jaune. I don't pretend I am better than anyone Hemi, I guess you were a real person, I would be better than you though. That said, 20,000rpm is better than you, and I'm pretty sure he is severely brain damaged.
  15. You scaring me? Absolutely not. I am real and I can be a nightmare for people like you or 20000 rpm. You are as bad as 20000 rpm, so don't even talk about me. Je ne suis pas ton petit poulet jaune, espèce de gros rosbeef de merde. Maintenant dégage de ma vue sale porc.
  16. a) you cant see me
    b) you are scared of me
    c) i like talking to you hemi, for a second account you show such an air of intelligence, i just hope some brushes off on me.
  17. Those French insults from France are lame. You should learn the French-Canadian cursing way. It's more intense like this:

    Décolisse de ma face, ostie de chien sale! Tu est une espèce de gros tabarnaque de cave, mon maudit sacrament!!

    See, way more intense.

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