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  1. this car is absolutely amazing and the price is great
  2. I've put enough miles on mine to eat the factory tires, and she's been good to me. I'm sure, though I've not had the privelage to drive one, that the Evo handles better. Acutally, I'm going to say it; the Evo VIII is perhaps the better car. But I've got a near religous hang-up about transverse mounted engines. Something just feels unnatural about the stresses of the engine working in that direction. At any rate, nobody's passed me that didn't have my permission since I got the car... Except that one twin turbo 300Zx at the drag strip. The bastard.
  3. The only thing I've done to mine is take out that ridiculous looking snorkel device inside the inner fender well. I don't know if it made it any faster, but the turbo sounds like it's a little more pissed off. Really the whole car seems pissed off most of the time; always on edge. Looking for a fight. Some punk in a Celica GTS tried to have a go at me the other night on the interstate. I've always liked celicas, but there was no quarter asked by this guy. He just pulled up alongside for the customary second or two and gunned it. I tried to give him a second or two's head start, but this only increased my speed to about 140 by the time I went by. A sound smoking by anyone's standard.
    The car understeers too much. This is a problem that I've been promising myself that I'm going to save up the money to fix for nearly a year now. I've finally grown by balls out long enough to induce a meek powerslide on tighter roads, and, knock on wood, the car doesn't really try to snap-spin like I'd feared. There's enough feedback through the front wheels to judge what their slip angle is, and the throttle is easy enough to modulate over 4000 rpm, inspite of the huge boost pressure spiking in at 3200. After that, it's reflexes and reflexes alone. I usually don't even know what the #$%# has happened by the time I get it straightened out, but I know that I did it right, and have horrified the miserable rednecks in the minivan behind me.
    I've been among interesting company on my favorite road here in Arkansas. It's a twisty little thing that runs through the hills just West of Little Rock. Great road, with some nice decreasing radius corners and two proper hairpins. I've been held back by S-2000's and a good cross-section of hot hatches, and I've kept up with a 996-generation Porsche Turbo, though I was a lot closer to death than he was.
    So yeah, it's a good car for the money, but, and I am firm in this belief, THE FIREBIRD WS-6 IS THE #$%#IN BOMB AND ALWAYS WILL BE KING ALL UTHERS IS STOOPID LITTLE RYSE FAGGITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#$%#!!
  4. Buy one i should know i own one.

    I hate lancer's they seem a lot more for little kids & they seem more riced out. They look
    like a 4 door mirage w/ body armor & a wing.
  5. Drove one, pull from 50-160 is absolutely amazing, I almost pissed my pants.

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