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  1. After watching some of their games in the last few months, I am infatuated with the way they play. Someone send through some good videos of them in action.
  2. Go **** yourself. Seriously.
  3. Its ok man, bayern will return to prominence soon.

    On topic though, look on youtube for older barca games. Like when ronaldinho was on top of the world. Because the way they played then was the same as now, but probably more flashy. Just look up 08-09 season goals for a lot of nice ones too.
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    this is from 08/09, a good game that shows how good they could be.

  5. They make it look so easy, like they're just #$%#ing with the other team the whole game. If shit starts to get close, they turn up the heat. They have 4 shut outs in the last 5 games. I love Dani Alves' swag. Dude is a right back and brings the ball all the way up field and will take a shot from anywhere.

    Also, Messi is just mesmerizing to watch.
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    needs no explanation.
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  8. lol shut outs?

    ain't ice hockey you crazy canuck!
  9. it's still a shut out. when you allow zero points in any team sport. come on now.
  10. just call 'em a clean sheet aye.
  11. I'm a ManU fan but for some reason, I was never really pissed off when they beat us in the Champions League finals.

    I hope they win the La Liga.
  12. barcelona is my favourite club, their stadion is also the best, been their twice.
  13. You went to Camp Nou? Lucky!

    Any photos of you in a barca shirt punching ronaldo?
  14. i have a photo of me posing with rivaldo somewhere.
  15. Find it and post it. Nao.
  16. its laying around somewhere at my parents house.
  17. why do you support barca when you are dutch?
  18. It IS w00t. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  19. you dont have a club outside your country you cheer for? i cheer for arsenal, barcelona and ac milan lol.
  20. In terms of football, you and I should get along just fine.
  21. I remember seeing a video once of Barca vs Bayern Munich, and Barca did something like 50+ passes without losing posession. It was unbelievable. Props to anyone who could locate it.
  22. No way.

    the only clubs i like other than Man U are Altrincham FC and FC United of Manchester. No foreign teams really

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