Bare minimun for living alone?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, May 18, 2012.

  1. Murders

    It's no Bodymore, Murderland but it's a close second.
  2. we have everything any other city in america has
    chilis, ruby tuesday, BEST BUY, home depot, target, mcdonalds, parks, skyscrapers, bums, universities, hot broads and ghettos
    we don't have anything to do outdoorsy though
    it's really not a bad place to live
  3. Spyder please explain why i havent been murdered yet
  4. Ha
  5. *hollandaise*
  6. No time to be depressed when the trust fund dries up
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  8. He live in baltimore and murdered his mailbox
  9. next thread by corks will be "Bare minimum for having a child?"

    then a few posts later: "yeah my gf is pregnant"
  10. you guys are all salty dogs
  11. you just need a highly structured life
  12. shut up and conform, corks
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    no he lives in bodymore, but i live in philly, and there is plenty of nice places here
    of course it's dumpy doe, it's one of the oldest damn cities in the country
    we like to call that charm and culture
    i'd rather in a place with CULTURE than a MTN DEW McMansions place where everyhting is ikea and the goddam same
  14. yeah i even work in baltimore city where all the *whisper* black people are.
  15. I wish, 5k together..
  16. ahh, I was like 10k and he's implying money is tight? wtf
  17. Went
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  19. is this kid serious? DEAAAAD @ him calling us salty dogs after two suicide attempts and a month-long stint in a mental institution!

    Duuuudeeeeeee, get real.

    "yall are salty! jeezee lighten up guys, im just having some fun while young"

    next month:

    "hey guys, can i kill myself with car exhaust fumes lol"
  20. what annoys me is i had a friend in middle school that did kill himself. people who "try to kill" themselves for attention and then run off and do dumb shit like this right after piss you off.

    there was no help for my friend, he hanged himself in his basement at 14. stop being an attention whoring little #%[email protected] and either get some proper help or man up and shoot yourself in the face.
  21. This. If you two are unstable enough to have all that drama happen just a month or two ago, I doubt moving in together will be a good idea. It'll just make the drama more financially/logistically difficult when it happens.

    Fiscally, though, you can make that work. Make all your own food, bike as much as possible, and budget any known expenses (movies, games, whatever else you spend on usually).
  22. mods delete these threads
  23. Also, common law marriage doesn't exist in Pennsylvania anymore.
  24. haha yeah. i really hate not having to pay off some honda genesis and a shitty wood construction suburb house! don't all these suburby guys have them now?? Spyder, fordman, unrelated, cruisin around to the hyundai meetups at the local big box mall, sippin dews outside the LOWES / HARVEYS / STARBUCKS / TJ MAXX while they talk about cold air intakes and plastidips, ugh ..

    so hows ur commute
    got it down to 45 minutes (one way)

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