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  1. So I recently submitted my idea to a brewery called mobcraft for a beer. They are a crowd source brewery, basically they take submissions and people preorder the ones they want, and the ones with most preorders get brewed.

    Welp my beer actually made it to the running, and is now up for pre-order.

    Its going between first and second place, the other recipe is some random lager, so we all suspect he's just ordering more and more of his own shitty beer. None the less, I'd really want my beer to win. Its a Bourbon Barrel Aged Milk Stout brewed with cocao, vanilla, and hazelnuts; estimated abv will be 11% or higher, depending on what the barrels do to it.

    If any of that is up your alley, a 4pk of bombers with shipping comes out to about $40. Really not bad for a bourbon aged beer. Super cheap actually. If it gets produced the msrp will be like $16-20 a bottle.
    Please order this, or send this to your friends if you think its cool.
  2. I'm not from the States but I want to drink that.
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  3. Overall it sounds pretty good, if a bit trendy. But the price is not that bad. What happens if I order and it's not chosen? Or is it already being made regardless? I guess I don't understand what it's "in the running" for.
  4. Sounds like only the one that wins will still be available after the contest ends.
  5. The website says if you back a choice that doesn't win, you don't get charged
  6. rarely, even can't remember the last time I tried an american beer and had a "wow" factor. Every time I travel I try to get something new, often recommended by the waiter.

    guess I'm not into beer as I used to also.
  7. Sounds delicious.
    But don't think I would spend that kind of cash on beer. I know beer can taste 'good', but it still all tastes bad to me. It's just how less shitty can it taste is what I look for.
  8. I used to feel that way, then one day something clicked and I was just craving a beer. No idea why, just had a taste for it.
  9. Pregnant?
  10. It will only get made if its number 1 in preorders by the 21st of April. Losing preorders don't get charged.
  11. do tapeworms counts?
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  12. Sounds disgusting to me but that's right up my brother's alley. I'll forward it to him. If he likes it enough he might preorder a few

    For his anniversary he went on a weekend trip to St Louis and came back with a trunk with $1200 of beer in it, and a pissed off wife in the passenger seat
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  13. Thanks! I appreciate it.

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