Best tuner car yet!!!!!!

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  1. i think this car is the best out of japan yet. i mean i looks great, has good enough power, and there are limitless possibilities to what you can actually do with it. if i could only buy one car in my whole life, this would be it. what do yall think.
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    This is defintly one of the best tuner cars but there have also been some pretty damn nice Supra's and Rx-7's also
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    i like the signal silvia (new one). have you seen the little logo it has.

    they should seam weld the chassis on this sucker.
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    Have you seen the Jun Supra? I downloaded a video of it on Kazaa and I was VERY impressed.
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    It's quite heavy car, dont you think so?
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    Want to see some crazy skyline clips like the godzilla veilside skyline, 0-180mph in 13sec!? Go here:
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    this car is actually quite slow compared with some of the stuff to come from Japan. The Veilside R34 street drag has just been dyno'd at 1460 bhp. And then there's Marios Aussie GTR-700. its running more boost, bigger turbos and bigger bore than the Veilside car, so when that gets dyno'd it could be putting out unbelievable power figures.
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    i think the skylines that get like 1500 horsepower are the skylines that have fiberglass shell bodies and run on slicks as well. that's pure drag skylines man.....i dont count those partly because most drag cars exceed 1000 bhp. but obviously the skyline is a godly car anyhow.
  10. this is a great car butt is specifictly built

    hey dont hate on the skyline due to the fact it only has 810hp and goes 213 mph and that it has juts test parts on it i know it has room for improvment butt come on give it a chance it was made to hit a top speed of 200+ and tahst what it does now we all knwo there are fatser and quicker skylines out there like the drag ones and this one isnt evern bored it has a kit which raised its displacement to 2.8 tahst it and its turbo is quite small compared to others well im sayin blitz did a great job on this car!
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    the turbo in this car isn't small be any means. you do realize that in order to generate 1000+ hp in the skyline you need like 30lbs of boost right. and they aren't 'test parts'. they're parts you can order and buy from blitz's catalog. its a means to showcase blitz's craftsmanship and tuning abilities. like i said i love this car, but i think that some of the jap fans in here are being hypocritical when they talk shit about how drag racing isn't race and then when it comes to drag racing they bring up the skyline and the 1500 hp fiberglass monsters. all i'm asking for is some damn consistency.
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    i think the viper venom 800tt is a better tuned car , because it goes 370km+ and does 0-60mph in 2.7 and has 800 horse
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    Lingenfelter Corvette, hello! under 2.0 0-60, Boss Mustang under 2.0 0-60, Supras can be very tuned also, Veilside supra on this site is very fast, this car is great, but ive seen Skylines better tuned than this, but who wouldnt wanna have this car?
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    Um... You DO realize those 0-60 times for the Skyline were ran WITHOUT slicks? Unlike the Lingenfelter?
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    the fastest road legal everyday skyline i can think of is the 1200bhp r34 skyine from top secret, which is still ***** ass fast. soon as you get in excess of that you get to the street drag skylines which arn't used on an everyday basis and are for race use only. all fair enough. my favourite skyine however is the Jun auto 1000bhp skyline. 0-60mph in around 2.6, 2.7 seconds, 0-180mph in 12 seconds and a top speed of well over 210mph. obviously, given the right ratio the car could go 240-250 but why bother when 200+mph is enough for anyone, especially with its acceleratin to get to 200mph within 14seconds or whatever it is.
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    it all depends on your taste....i dont like the paint scheme but i could defently go for the power....
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    paint? come on dont talk about paint.

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