Better than jaguar and using jaguar engines !

Discussion in '1990 Lister Le Mans' started by 2FAST4U, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Looks like a Porsche... Lister have been known to make quality cars, but this sure isnt their best... :p *the 0-60 is great!*
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    Just because it goes from 0-60 in 4.4 doesnt make it a bad car. Again another person who only looks at the stats.
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    You wanna waste money, buy this! Compare it to other same year cars and see what you can buy for that kinda dough!
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    Most listers are VERY nice but
    this looks like a deform porsche
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    Its a very heavliy breathed on Jag XJS to be exact.<!-- Signature -->
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    yes but this is a tough car with high performances.
  7. JAG XJR-S

    THIS IS ONE OF THOSE SPECIAL TUNNINGS THAT THEY MAKE out of normal cars. it looks just like a 1998 jag xjr-s
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    No its an XJS Jag, close.<!-- Signature -->
  9. Re: JAG XJR-S


    there is no cosmetic difference between the xjr-s and the xjs, its just modifications to the engine and suspension...<!-- Signature -->
  10. These cars are one of the best on the world !<!-- Signature -->
  11. Re: Better than jaguar and using jaguar engines !

    I disagree, it's okay. It's too Square.
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    May be , but look at the year.<!-- Signature -->
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    this car actually performs quite well in conditions demanding high endurance. as for the stats, this car does very well considering its a 1.8 tonne car. also, it is a jaguar xjs, which was never built to compete heavily against performance cars, this is a luxury tourer...can any of u name any other luxury tourers that perform as well as this?
  14. Re: Better than jaguar and using jaguar engines !

    its not the best car in the world...but its pretty nice...

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