Beware. Hard to look at for Lamborghini fans.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by AstonDB7, Sep 14, 2004.

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    However heres a decent one go to then inter goto the exotic dream builders to see the best lamborghini Diablo replica ever made!
  2. Were is the lambo site!?!
  3. The fan site! weres is it?
  4. It's a private one. PM jj4ever so he can sign you up.
  5. Ok just checking.
  6. Its got the Fiero Arturo or watever front body kit on it haha
  7. you cant turn a pontiac fiero into a Diablo. Id much rather have a regular fiero. give it up!
  8. that is terrible. real kit cars a good ripoffs are terrible, especially one as poor as that. i read about a guy who had a 250GTO replica and people had tried to break into his garage twice to steal it - obviously thinking it was the real thing, but it was remotely convincing unlike that piece of crap.
  9. it looks more like a Lamborghini, and yes, this guy was on crack, guys who dont bother to stretch the Fiero chasis are just dabbling in it anyway.
  10. bad replica... and has a boomerang for a spoiler instead of anything half decent looking
  11. Be up front next time!
  12. I would rather have a kitcar than a Hot Rod, you will not see many kitcars driving around plus the Ultima is a kitcar and that will smoke you. Lamborghini Replicas beat a eclispe with lamborghini doors with an RX7 front end and 5 TV and one useless flat screen TV in the back of the car and then its painted in five colors! with big gold rims. fact is thats a horrible replica! my model Lamborghini Diablo looks better than that!. But you cannot always think every kit looks that way. Exsample North American Exotic Replicas are the best dam kits on the market they dont need some cheap Fiero with a Corvette engine those kit use thier own chassis thats replicated just like the real one. They even got AWD with thier kits and every thing seams to be just like the real deal except the engine. Sure they got an engine cover but its what under the cover that bugs me. They often either have a LS1 small block or LS6, i have seen them with 454big block chevys and even BMW V12s to inline six from a Skyline. So you dont have to use some cheap ass fiero to then rip it apart and think that all kitcars are crap!. Because just like every type of car theres the good one and the bad one then you got the horrible ones!.
  13. ouch... worst attempt ever
    America's styling <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  15. What a peice of sh*t!
  16. I can understand people who modify their cars.
    It's funny, a nice hobby, go on, enjoy it.
    But I can't understand people trying to make money out of it.
    Not even US $12,350
  17. lol the front looks like a lotus esprit!!!
  18. It reminds me more of an old Porsche more than anything else.
  19. the problem is this:

    tools like you build them and think they are the real thing and think that they can win against actual faster cars such as my brothers 97 526HP supra TT(some guy in a fiero converted to a lambo with a kit car tried to race him by reving at him)

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