BMW M3 vs. Porsche 997 Carrera

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ajzahn, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. BMW M4 vs. Porsche 997 Carrera

    BMW M3:
    343 bhp at 7900 rpm
    365 Nms at 4900 rpm
    0-100 kph in 4.8 secs.
    0-200 kph in 17.6 secs.
    Vmax = 250 kph (elctronically limited)
    Hochenheim short track in 1:16.9 mins.
    curb weight: 1565 kgs
    4.6 kgs/bhp
    list price: 55.100 EUR
    161 EUR/bhp


    Porsche 997 Carrera:
    325 bhp at 6800 rpm
    370 Nms at 4250 rpm
    0-100 kph in 4.7 secs.
    0-200 kph in 16.4 secs.
    Vmax = 285 kph
    Hochenheim short track in 1:15.9 mins.
    curb weight: 1476 kgs
    4.5 kgs/bhp
    list price: 75.200 EUR
    231 EUR/bhp

    Which one would you take considering look, performance and price (price-to-power ration EUR/bhp)?
  2. I really like the M3 and if I had the money I would buy one. The Porsche is better but also more expensive so hard choice.
  3. Between those two, M3 if I'm paying, 997 if I'm not. Other than that, I'd rather have a C6 Corvette.
  4. Porsche 997 Carrera
  5. 997 Carrera S for me.
  6. M3, it has a sportier feel than the 997, just raw... and that 8000 rpm redline makes that engine howl like no other
  7. 997 Carrera.
  8. M3. save money, more backseat. comparible performance, but 20,000 euros to make it better.. but if i didnt have to pay for them, im very indifferent about the choice. id be happy to get either for free. if it were totally on me, i might even flip a coin.
  9. 997 is in a different class.
  10. If this were the 996, I might have gone with the Bimmer. However, the improvements that Porsche has made to the 997, combined with those stunning looks, give it the win.
  11. Others.
  12. Porsche 997 Carrera S
  13. 996 over both of these.
  14. if you had the exact amount of money as the porsche, bought an m3 instead and tuned it, itd be much much better...

    but you can say the same thing about any rwd economy car as well.
  15. anyone got the supertest or the links to either the E46 M3 supertest or any 997 carrera (S!) supertest? I can't find them.
  16. M3 sportier than a 911?!
  17. This comparo is the e46 m3. In that case Ill take the 997. If its the new m3, ill take that.
  18. I voted other. The GTR I am quite into at the moment, or failing that I'd have an Exige or Elise SC with touring package. Out of those two I would take the Porsche, and i don't know why. The M3 has the higher revving engine and more all-round use for me(I prefer that), but I just can't see myself driving one. a second hand E46 CSL is a different story....I'd take that any day.
  19. M3 because it's more special imo
  20. 997 by a mile.
  21. 997 as I find the M3 horrid!

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